The Angel Special Operations Unit, known as The Angels or Angel Spec Ops for short, is an elite squadron within the EDF Military. They are called in to do jobs other squadrons cannot.


The Angels consists of a small squadron of highly trained, highly skilled, and highly experienced personnel in the EDF Military. They are mainly called in when other squadrons have failed to perform a task, or if the task itself is simply incredibly deadly with a near 0% survival chance. Outside the EDF Military, the Angel Spec Ops doesn't exist, and even inside the military not much is known about them. Members of the Angel Spec Ops are sworn not to speak of their operations or their organization to anyone else, however they are not trapped by that oath, and are free to do whatever they wish outside their operations, as long as it doesn't compromise the team or their operations.



Shane Hale - Callsign: Sentinel


Haseo Ishida - Callsign: Raikiri


Logan Taylor - Callsign: Shard


Nikolai Surkov - Callsign: Oneshot


Marcus Clyne - Callsign: Buck


  • Shane Hale is based on the character Nathan Hale from the Resistance series. His codename is also based on him as Nathan Hale was one of the first Sentinels.
  • Nikolai Surkov is based on the famous WWII soviet sniper, Mikhail Ilyich Surkov, who reportedly had over 700 confirmed sniper kills in the war, making him the most effective sniper in the entire conflict.
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