• Clarkedead

    Life in space

    September 24, 2016 by Clarkedead

    Amanda: Jamie this place is nice on this ship 

    Jamie: yeah I know this place is alright 

    A slasher comes (to there knowledge out of nowhere) and slashes Amanda in half 

    Jamie froze in shock just stands there

    His shock turns into anger 

    Jamie:You bastard 

    He reaches into his pocket and takes out his switchblade and stabs the necromorph in its jugular the necromorph then Falls on the ground he then stabs the necromorph over and over again 

    Jamie hears a noise then sees a swarm of necromorphs he runs away

    Jamie: what the fuck is happening now 

    Jamie finds a open door he runs toward it , opens it then finds it then boards door then blocks the door with a chair and then Jamie breaks down crying

    Jamie: how could this be happening to me 

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  • DS2117

    Dead Space: The New Hivemind

    December 24, 2012 by DS2117

    Dead Space: The New Hivemind A Dead Space/Prototype crossover.

    In 2009, the first Unitologists form an alliance with Gentek. after observing Alex Mercer's superior strength and abilities, the Unitologists want humanity to be strong and united with help of the Blacklight virus. After weeks of tracking and bring down Mercer, the two groups put him in stasis. 200 years later, Alex Mercer is sent to Tau Volantis for study. Around the same time, the discovery of necromorphs and more markers grabs much attention, thus the Blacklight project is long forgotten. The Unitologists storage necromorph specimens on Tau Volantis as well but things get out of hand. The necromorphs run free on the planet. Alex Mercer remains in stasis until the year of 2511…

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  • Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion

    Dead Space 4 Fan Fiction (provided that the characters aren’t killed in Dead Space 3)

    Prologue: On Planet Earth

    2 people (David & Glen) are sitting on deck chairs somewhere in The Bahamas. (Glen) Nice sunset, aye David? (David) Yeah, don’t get much of those anymore, ever since we started living in space. (Glen) We couldn’t live here on Earth, too expensive; our room on The Sprawl is perfect. Cheap and a nice view. (David) We’ve been on Earth for about 4 years, let’s head back soon, I miss space for some reason. (Glen) Me too, space was so…peaceful, unlike here.

    (Silence for a bit before…)

    (David) Hey, you see that? (Glen) What? (David) There, that flaming object. (Points to it) (Glen) Oh my God, it’s heading right for us! (David) RUN!!!

    (They r…

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  • Necrohunter7

    Hi, I'm writing a Dead Space fanfiction book titled "Dead Void".

    Heres some info:

    Dead Void centers on an American CEC Employee named Viktor Nichols. Early into the story (in chapter 1), he is called to help repair a reactor core shell (which unbeknownst to everyone, has been sabotauged by an anti-CEC insurgent who has planted an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) on the core itself. When it detonates mid-repair, Viktor becomes injured after suffering inhalation of toxic particles and a broken spine. After being taken to a hospital, he learns of the extent to his injuries, the particles he inhaled placed a coating on the inside of his lungs which prevents him from breathing on his own so he must don a special RIG to survive. How he continued …

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  • Maxxthewolf

    Iya Bane

    July 2, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Iya

    Middle Name: Unknown

    Last Name: Bane

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Height: 6 feet (6'0)

    Homeworld: Titan

    Species: Human (Caucasian)

    Gender: Female

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Titan Surveillance Systems.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter and Level 2 Engineering RIG (Later Upgrades to Level 4 Engineering RIG.)

    Hair: White

    Eyes: Green

    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Notable Facts: Aided Daryl Greenfire in his cure for the Necromorph infection. Helped Daryl Greenfire escape from the Hellfire, escaping with him.

    Affiliation: Is only on Daryl's side.

    Weapon Of Choice: Plasma Cutter

    RIG Of Choice: Skin-Tight Intermediate Mining RIG.

    Most Hated Necromorph: Seducer

    Family: Abicus Bane (Sister)

    In A Relationship With: Daryl Greenfire.


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  • Maxxthewolf


    " Make us whole... " The fourth installment of the Dead Space series, Dead Space: Evolution focuses on the evolution of Necromorphs and what it is that we consider human. Inside the Hellfire, a Military Conquest ship, Unitologists have bribed the cargo men of the Hellfire to bring in some "special" cargo for help on their inhabited planet, as they were expecting to go to war. However, this came with some unwanted consequences, as the cargo men started transforming into Necromorphs, later attacking the crew. Daryl Greenfire, a cargo shipper, is a man who witnesses this first hand. Using new tactics, weaponry, RIG's, and even Daryl's own Necromorph form, it is up to Daryl and his fellow survivors to escape the Hellfire, or die trying. …

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  • Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Daryl

    Middle Name: Albert

    Last Name: Greenfire

    Weight: 130 pounds

    Height: 6 feet and 3 inches (6'3)

    Homeworld: Mars

    Species: Human (African American)

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Bakersfield, California.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Rivet Gun, Remote Control Disc Launcher. (Main) Triage Security Suit, Hazard Engineering RIG, Elite Engineering RIG, Advanced Unitologist RIG,Scorpion Level Engineering RIG. (Main) All other suits.

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blood Red

    Skin Color: Mild Brown

    Notable Facts: Destroyed a ship full of Necromorphs (The Hellfire). Cured himself of the Necromorph infection. Destroyed a White Marker by himself.

    Affiliation: None

    Weapon Of Choice: Line Gun

    RIG Of Cho…

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  • Halseymj

    Any Q

    July 13, 2011 by Halseymj

    Hello, my name is halseymj and some rumors have been going around. If you know what they are and have Q then ask now. Halseymj 14:45, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Marker Child

    June 15, 2011 by BettyBoopKiss

    This is a Fan fiction made by yours truly BettyBoopKiss, this is a first of it's hopeful series, and it will not be connected to Meltdown or Shockpoint, but will of course be connected to the Dead Space universe. Hope you enjoy my launching series.

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  • Doctor Grayson

    Hey all,

    I, for some bizarre reason, work better with two projects running simultaneously and while I have one going, Necrosis, I was just knocking some ideas around in my head for the second and thought that I would open it to public opinion. I know that I wanted to exapnd on some part in the Dead Space Universe's past so here are some rough ideas:

    • Mars Independence Riots: The narrative structure comprises of a series of one-shot chapters that interlink with one another. Featuring a range of stories from both sides and how damaging the riots were to both commerce and the people.

    • Wanat Disaster: The narrative structure comprises of a series of one-shot chapters that interlink with one another. Features different perspectives resulting in…

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  • Captain tweed

    Author's Note: This is quite horror-inclined, so don't read alone, in a stormy castle at night, and while I probably give myself too much credit, it's still creepy and a bit dark, so read at your own exspense. Also, all the things that are normally missing from the games and stories will be explained, so don't go jumping on my back because some of the things here don't exist in-game.

    With that said, let's begin.


    No, it was hot today. Hotter than England should be...

    So why the cold...?

    There was a flash of light – blinding, practically. Was it the Sun?

    No, there was a black rim. Like a four-leafed clover...

    Come to think of it, there were four lights, too. Or maybe it was just vision fading and shifting, screwing with perception?

    No, no, it…

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  • Halseymj


    May 20, 2011 by Halseymj

    I am collecting ideas for the next ds. So if you have any just post them here.

    Get them in by 2014. halseymj 16:38, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Spartan describer243

    Well i hope whoever read my last story was satisfied on how it turned out. Here's my second story, Taking 3 years after My first story, on the sprawl.

    And dont read it if you see something you dont like. And Tell me what you dont like so i can change or remove it.

    Chp 1: A new day

    Chp 2: Upgrades

    Chp 3: Testing Stages

    Chp 4: Reunion

    Chp 5: Crazy People

    Chp 6: What's going on?

    Chp 7: Hell Re-emerges

    Chp 8: Visions

    Chp 9: Memories

    Chp 10: Old places, dead faces

    Chp 11: Push

    Chp 12: Something to be known

    Chp 13: Sharpshooter

    Chp 14: A haunting memory

    Chp 15: Roadblock

    Chp 16:

    Chp 17:

    Chp 18:

    Chp 19:

    Chp 20:

    Chp 1: A new day

    The alarm clock next to Jake’s bed went off, so loud, he woke and accidently hit is head upon the headboard, his wife, Madalyn, was in the kitc…

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    I escaped to

    May 16, 2011 by BettyBoopKiss

    "R.I.G recorder activated"

    "My name is Ashley Dale, um i'm 17 years old and I don't understand what's happening, everyone has gone crazy, I just witnessed the sole horror, it has been titled the Union Square suicide. I ran from my families apartment in B wing when I heard my father killing our next door neighbor, I found the remains of my mother, she who chased after him to stop him, now dead in the hallway. I am so scared, I don't know what to do, what's happening, where should I go?"

    R.I.G link interupted, message ends.

    Ashley slowley stood up, her back lightley brushing the wall as she scrambled to put the small recorder away. Tucking it into her jeans she looked left, and then scanned the hallway to the right, she heard loud growls all ov…

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  • Spartan describer243

    What should i do? Write another story, or just leave it as is? tell me what to do

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  • Captain tweed

    Who doesn't want to live on Earth?

    There's a lot of reasons to live in nicer places, like the Sprawl, somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy (if you have a good degree in physics, biology and such – there aren't any miners on the forefront of mankind) if you're lucky, but God forbid you get put on a Planet-Cracker.

    Alistair had worked – no, lived – on a Planet-Cracker class ship for a month, and still suffered nightmares to this day. Compact corridors, hazardous machinery, nobody to help if things go wrong but a shuttle of five (an engineer, an electrician and three Merchant Marines) to the population of a large city. The conditions were hellish... but the thing Alistair missed most about being in the depths of space was the sun.

    It was odd, getti…

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  • Captain tweed

    Hey, guys. Y'see, I am quite tired right now, but I'm also in the "Fanfic Zone". So, to compromise, I will release the first section of a story of mine now, which I will call "Dead Space: After The End. It will focus on a town (specifically, London) during its efforts to survive the Necromorphic Apocalpyse which has come and gone. This first bit just shows about an hour after it reaches London (and any plot holes here are intentional, I assure you) before the rest of the world, and the efforts of the main character, surgeon Alistair Wesley, to escape to a bunker.

    Of course, none of that actually happens at this point, but I promise, tomorrow I will follow up on it with the second part.


    Who doesn't want to live on Ear…

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  • Captain tweed

    Mother Earth!

    May 8, 2011 by Captain tweed

    Earth is, like in most sci-fi games, very elusive when you consider that we live on the damned thing. And the Dead Space universe is no exception; pretty much the only thing we know about it is that it's probably very cramped and it doesn't have much fuel.

    But I ask you: how do you envision it? When somebody mentions Earth, do you think of giant, gleaming sky scrapers? A Blade Runner-esque world ran commercials to make this overflooded Hellhole look okay to live in (even when it isn't)? A reasonably clean - but oppressive - world where EarthGov cracks down on the slightest thought of rebellion with arrest, brainwashing, and eventual execution, and posters of the Director loom over people, warning them of his never-slowed perception? How do…

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  • Captain tweed

    Right, I posted this on the original Wiki, and I've only just remembered it and how we need to copy + paste all the fanon here. Everything past this point was created a while ago:

    This one is for my Reintegration character, and my sudden sorrow upon hearing that all characters in the RPmust die at some point.

    This one's for you, Bullock.

    Begin log.

    It’s been a rough couple hours. I’ve seen a rough couple hours. I've seen men, women, and children alike, mutilated and bleeding, their eyes showing terror, sadness, and, for some admittedly fucked-up people, happiness.

    But, that’s no different than the old days. I can’t believe I wanted to relive some of those days.

    It’s all this time I've spent here, I guess. Back, way, way back, I could have taken …

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  • JonGrrr

    Dead Space Art! :D

    May 1, 2011 by JonGrrr

    Dead Space Art here:!_:D

    Tell me what you think! Thanks in advance!

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  • Shadow Hunter XT

    I have recieved a warning saying that someone is attempting to steal fan-fictions. I have therefor decided to shut down this fan-fiction until this is confirmed and/or the guilty is stopped.

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  • Shadow Hunter XT

    For some reason my fan-fiction was uploaded to two pages. I have there for removed this one. Please go here instead:

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  • Spartan describer243

    I am totally new at this, and since i am both a fan of halo and dead space, i thought this would be a good idea for a fanfiction halo/ dead space story, so if i put in chracters from the actual Dead Space game, its to make it interesting.

    Chp. 1: Hot pursuit

    Chp. 2: Welcome to Aegis 7

    Chp. 3: Welcome to Hell

    Chp. 4: A sore Landing

    Chp. 5: An Unfriendly crew

    Chp. 6: Getting to The Medical Deck

    Chp. 7: Dark Shadows

    Chp. 8: Stomp it into the ground

    Chp. 9: Too much?

    Chp. 10: Back Topside

    Chp. 11: Kindness of strangers

    Chp. 12: Out of Betrayal

    Chp. 13: A Deadly encounter

    Chp. 14: Time to leave

    Chp. 15; How do we get home?

    The story main characters are 2 female spartans, 4 o.d.s.t's, and an elite zealot. The spartans, odst's and elite zealot make a truse when the…

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  • Necrohunter7

    Correct me if Im wrong about or missing some of these, but here are two lists of the Dead Space games and the Halo games (in canon order).

    Dead Space:





    -moar coming soon?...


    -Halo Harvest (NOT OFFICIAL)

    -Halo Wars

    -Halo Reach (Best one so far)

    -Halo Combat Evolved

    -Halo 2

    -Halo 3: O.D.S.T.

    -Halo 3

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  • Necrohunter7

    Who wants Visceral to bring back the aiming system from Dead Space 1?

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  • Necrohunter7

    RIG Modifications

    April 26, 2011 by Necrohunter7

    Choose a RIG (use the #, not the name) and then choose the modification(s) you would like to see in a future Dead Space installment (again, use the #, not the name).

    Heres a stat. list to copy into your comments:



    -Varient (version of the RIG you chose):


    -Armor (60% max):

    -Helmet (RIG #):

    -Special Perks:

    -# of Inventory Slots (from 15-50):

    -# of Weapon Slots (from 4-5):

    Here is the # key:

    RIGs (1st 8 from DS1):

    1- Std Miner

    2- Intermediate Engineer

    3- Intermediate Miner

    4- Advanced Miner

    5- Advanced Soldier

    6- Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Elite Class

    7- Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class

    8- Advanced Unitologist

    9- Security Suit

    10- Patrol Suit

    11- Prima Security Suit

    12- Vintage Suit

    13- Elite Vintage Suit

    14- Advanced Suit

    15- Eli…

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  • Necrohunter7

    I KNOW that this is a much debated topic, but what about having SPECIFIC Necromorphs against the flood.

    Here is a list of Necromorphs:

    -Ubermorph (wont die)

    -The Tormenter






    -Monk Slasher







    Please try to figure out SEPERATE situations where either the Flood or the Necromorphs would win. Also, please add a list of Flood forms.

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  • Ishimura Elite


    I’m staring at the ceiling. I’m in my bed, too lazy to get up. Or maybe I’m just still tired? I can’t tell the difference. I have my head on my pillow and the sheets under me. I look over to my left and check the time on my digital clock. 3:21, 3:22, in the morning. It was strange; I’m usually never up before the alarm on the clock wakes me for work. I decide not to try to get back to sleep. I roll out of bed and get on my feet. I throw on a button up shirt what I don’t button up and go to the front. I open the door to my apartment and walk out into the hallway. It was dark, with the only light coming from the large atrium where the multiple story tall reinforced glass windows let in the light radiating from Saturn.

    I walk over to t…

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  • JonGrrr

    Dead Space: Truth

    April 24, 2011 by JonGrrr

    This is my first Dead Space fan fiction. Please tell me what you think of it and feel free to give me any advice, just please be nice about it. I hope you enjoy. :D

    A video screen blurs then clears, showing a blood stained room with a slightly twitching body of a strange creature on the floor. A boy, a teenager, wearing a Security R.I.G. with the helmet down, sits in a chair in front of the camera, dropping a white mining tool on the ground. He is shaking, his black hair stained with blood, and his right eye bleeding profusely, but his only blue eye was dull, as if losing life. The look on his face was full with fear and regret. His breathing heavy. "I send this video hoping for anyone to know what really happened here on the Sprawl." He st…

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  • Necrohunter7

    -The term 'Engineer' instantly causes you to visualize Isaac Clarke

    -You think of the 211-V Plasma Cutter when someone mentions a Plasma Cutter (cutting torch)

    -When someone asks you for a marker (like a Sharpie) you berate them for being a Unitologist

    -You try to prepare yourself for a Necromorph outbreak

    -You try to build a replica of the Red Marker (with amplification pedistal) an put it in your bedroom to ward-off Necromorphs

    -You get slightly nervous around wall and ceiling vents (that a person could fit in)

    -You are slightly cautious of babies, in case they sprout 3 tentacles and shoot barbs at you

    -You try to ask for stasis and kinesis modules for Christmas

    -You use a red foam sports hand on your Dead Space 2 cosplay costume

    -You Desperatly t…

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  • PowerSeeker

    Dead Space:Healer

    April 18, 2011 by PowerSeeker

    Uh oh. It won;t be published!:O

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  • PowerSeeker

    Dead Space:Betrayal

    April 15, 2011 by PowerSeeker

    Now no one will have them except me.

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Sorry guys I wont put it back up till this rumor goes away that people are stealing eachothers work. I cant risking having my stories stolen.

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Sorry guys but this will not return to this site, because of the threat of being stolen by an unamed user.

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  • Necrohunter7

    Ok, so I came up this idea of weapon varients (modified varients of all the weapons/tools in Dead Space 1 and 2. Please try to come up with something by yourself, and try not to copy anyone else.

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Sprawled Out

    April 3, 2011 by BettyBoopKiss

    sorry guys this and my other fan fictions that mean alot to me have been removed from the site by me, because a nasty rumor that someone is stealing peoples work and fanfictions. Sorry guys.

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  • Captain Bradman

    For Chapter 1, you will make your character have a normal day on the Sprawl. Tell the story of his/her life on that given day.

    Please be sure to visit the original page (Dead Space: Integration Character Setup)and create your character.

    Make the character; live the story; die on the Sprawl.

    Remember: this blog is only for a normal day at your character's job. This does not include the infection. Do NOT add Necromorphs in Chapter 1.

    When we have enough entries and enough characters, we will begin another blog with the appropriate Chapter 2 title.

    Good luck, and write your chapter down below.

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  • Captain Bradman

    In this blog, you can create a character for the newly creating "Dead Space: Integration" story. This story will tell the lives of new and exquisite characters created by YOU!

    To get started, create a blog down below with the following information about your character:

    1.) Name

    2.) Age

    3.) Height

    4.) Weight

    5.) Appearence

    6.) Personality

    7.) History

    8.) Job/Specialty

    9.) Gear and Weapons

    Later, we will make a new blog dedicated for each chapter. Let's get this Wiki active! Wooo!

    Thanks to Nathan McNeil( P-SEC) from the Dead Space Wiki for the idea.

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  • Captain Bradman

    Thanks to Haegemonia from DSW, I decided to put my fan book up here.

    It tells the story of Brad Mitchell, a CEC Schofield Tools Mechanical Engineer aboard the USG Ishimura. Read as he makes difficult desisions based on luck and survival. Enjoy.

    Dead Space: Unaccompanied

    Journal Log #15

    My name is Bradley Mitchell. To any of you still alive out there, I wish you good luck. As for me, I’m a lost cause. I have survived this… nightmare for as long as I could. My only wish was that I could have escaped my prison, and have saved more people. I hope that the ones I lost are still alive and well, but that belief is a waste of energy. (Sigh) If only this could have been different. Why did I have to come? I knew this was a bad idea, to go to Aegis VII, bu…

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  • BettyBoopKiss
    BettyBoopKiss November 3, 2010

    Sorry guys I know you all loved this Fan Fiction but I am to scared that it will be stolen by someone, I got a rumor saying someone was trying to steal all our hard work on the Fani fiction, I don't want that to happen, save your stories while you can.

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  • Auguststorm1945

    Possible Subjects

    January 2, 2011 by Auguststorm1945

    Some possible article subjects; some are only vaguely referred to, while others provided either baseline or detailed information ripe with opportunity for expansion.

    • Events
    • Kara Sea Hostage Crisis
    Details: American freighter illegally enters the Kara Sea; Russian authorities capture the vessel and imprison the crew, resulting in (presumably) international turmoil
    • Bering Sea Conflict
    • First Battle of the Bering Sea
    • Second Battle of the Bering Sea
    Details: Engagement resulting from an American response to the Kara Sea Hostage Crisis
    • Global Warming Epidemic
    Details: "Significant climatological imbalance"; major rise in sea level, Venice and New York flooded/destroyed; thousands (millions?) of refugees move to higher elevations
    • Trinity Hurricanes
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