Dakota Shae(Sh-ay) Mires (My-urs) was a Ex-Earthgov Soldier that has NEVER fought in any wars,but


Dakota Shae Mires

Biological Information

Date of Birth 2150 November 2nd
Date of Death -
Homeworld Earth,North Carolina,USA.

Physical Description

Blood type O-
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 178 Lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Race White

Chronological and Political Information

Occupation Sprawl Security Guard,Lieutenant.
Marital status No.
Relative(s) Jennifer.M.Mires(Mother) Micheal.S.Mires,(Father)
Status In action.
has dealt with extremely violent riots that usually end in many Soldier and Civilian Casualties. Right now he is a Sprawl Security Guard, (Rank Lieutenant) his best friends (His friends on Earth are unknown.) were also his squad mates, who were: Hunter Derrick, Steve Maggi, James Pendergraft, and Jacob Higgons. He's also the only surviving member of his squad, Gamma71D, and the main character, also the protaganist. He was also one of the only friends of Director Hans Tiedemann.

He is the main character of Dead Space:The Orders, Dead Space: Patient Number 4, Dead Space: IIA

Dead Space: Man down! Dead Space: Graced. Dead Space Patient Number 4 Dead Space: 5 Isn't KIA...

Dead Space: Classified Secrets, Dead Space: Insanity.

Dakota's Weapons: Pulse rifle, P-Sec(Divet) Pistol,Seeker rifle, Hand-thrown Grenades.

His time as a Private(Major spoilers.)

Dakota's time as a Private was pretty rough. His last squad was MIA, and he saw a Infector infect dead Security Guards as soon as he awoke from his sleep.' Not only that, but he had to fight the infector and the Security Slasher.

A message from Tiedemann to all security personel appeared, and he was to report to the Government Sector, and be assigned to a new squad. His squad was Gamma71D, and then met his new squad members.
300px-DSA Security Rig

Private Dakota Mires(Right) and Hunter Derrick(Left).

His squad members were: Sergeant Hunter Derrick(Leader), Private James' 'Pendergraft', and Corporal Steve Maggi . The squad was ordered to''''' search the' "Unknown Docking Ship". Whilst investigating, Dakota and James were to search the Medical Bay, and only to enter the Decontamination room, where James met his Demise. Pack was distracting Dakota while James was carried into a vent where he was killed and ripped in half. Dakota was then stabbed in the stomach, and then also lifted into the vent.

Dakota found James body lying there, where blood was every where. Dakota also noticed he was in a different room. He contacted Hunter and then attempted to find him, only to be attacked by a VERY large brute. Dakota shot a large window which sucked the Brute into space,unable to return. Dakota crawled to a door, where he was losing the Oxygen in his helmet. Dakota regrouped with the rest of Gamma.

Then they were ordered to Help Delta Platoon, which was another group of Security Guards. They had many casualties.

The standoff.

Dakota found an Seeker Rifle while traveling to help Delta platoon.
113px-Chapter 13 security1

What the barricade looked like when it STARTED out.

While helping Delta
, A tripod appeared, which broke a "box" formation, and then caused the Security Guards to fall back.Many,many Security Guards died. They then proceeded to head to the Sprawl, and then Hunter was told by Tiedemann to help defend the nearest evac-ship. When sprinting to reach the ship, Gamma then saw the ship explode because an Twitcher killed a pilot which then caused a malfunction,'killing the Necromorphs and Security guards alike. Gamma stared at the destruction, and then continued on to Titan mines, when they were ordered by Teidemann to eliminate all Hostile creatures. A new squad member, Private Jacob Higgons, was ordered to join Gamma squad.
Dakota the Security Guard

Dakota standing from a ridge when stabbed by Nolan Stross in the leg.

The Death

Right before the elevator that would take them to Titan Mines started, A Drag Tentacle grabbed Hunter by the leg. Hunter started to scream, while Jacob and Dakota grabbed Hunters hand, and then when the Elevator started, it went down and ripped Hunter in half, spraying blood all over the elevator. His intestines were hanging out. Hunter commenced with his last words. After his death, under stress, Teidemann told Dakota he was promoted to a sergeant.

Patient Number 5 Is KIA

While wandering the Titan Mines aimlessly, the Squad ran into Nolan Stross, Patient Number 5. While attempting to Shoot him, Stross threw a needle at Dakota, causing him to bleed in his knee, and then made him pass out. Jacob wondered how that happened. But then Stross grabbed Steve then tore his Helmet off, revealing his face. Stross stabbed Steve in the eye, killing him. Stross attempted to kill Jacob, but failed and got himself killed by his own needle. Dakota woke up, and stared in shock.

I'm sorry...

Dakota then had orders from Tiedemann to kill Jacob, and his reward was commanding more Security guards and being promoted to Liuetenant. Unknown that Jacob has came in contact with the marker, Dakota proceeded with his orders. He shot Jacob in the face, just to follow his orders. Dakota then said his words at the end of this Chapter: I'm sorry.... But then Teidemann said: "Excellent" After that.