For the common good of the wiki and it's users, please follow these rules, they are simple, and don't reqiure much from you.

1. Respect the other editors. This is a pretty general rule. If another editor is doing something they shoulden't, let them know in a kind and calm manner. If that doens't work, bring the problem to the attention of an active admin. The same gos for just about any other problem.

2. Do not publish any canon content. This is called a fanon wiki for a reason. There is already an established Dead Space wiki for anything canon. Canon content pages published here will be deleted upon their being noticed by an admin.

3. If you do not wnat someone else to edit your pages, please use the {{Writer|Name}} template to show that the page belongs too you.

4. Please do not vandalize pages with meaningless or innappropriate information. Some violence and cursing is aloud, but not in exccessive amounts, and all roleplaying and fanfictions must remain pg-13 or below.

5. Any sort of fanfiction, group of articles, or other project that is not worked on in over a month will be put up for adoption on the Dead space Fanon Wiki adoption page. If a user returns later and decides to pick back up the project, they can do so if it has no already been adopted, but all projects not adopted within a certian period of time will be deleted.

6. No non-Dead Space icons should be uploaded to the anwhere except on personal user pages and blogs.

7. Please add the correct categories to your pages, and do not add redundant categories to your pages, for example, do not a add a subcategory and it's parent category to your article.

8. If a user is warned enough times and still refuses to follow the policies, the rules, or listen to the admins, an admin may ban the user for an amount of time fair for their offenses.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.