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Delta Pavonis as it appears on a typical NavMap.

The Delta Pavonis system consists of a G8IV subgiant star orbited by 8 planets, 3 dwarf planets and an asteroid belt. The star system is 19.9 lightyears from Sol. The 4th planet was one of the earliest extrasolar colonies, being settled on October 7th, 2249. The 4th planet, St. Lucia, is home to 2.1 billion people and has been a source for new settlers on worlds throughout civilized space. Due to the significant amount of minerals present in system, a planetary harvesting operation was conducted on the most profitable dwarf planet orbiting in the asteroid belt between St. Lucia and the gas giant Telesphorus in 2469 by the USG Spire. The main industries of the system are service based, there are still large scale mining and manufacturing operations in the asteroid belt and the moons of Telesphorus. The system is defended by the Delta Pavonis Defence Fleet, the 51st Fleet and several private armies.