Freedom and Justice are two Colt M1911 handguns currently in use by Logan Taylor.


Logan came across these two handguns from a friend who worked with an antique collector. He discovered that, despite the weapon's age of over 500 years, they were still incredibly effective against flesh-based targets, even going so far as saying that they rivaled today's modern P-Sec pistols, and perhaps even surpassing their stopping power. Logan bought the guns and customized them heavily. The right gun, he gave a silver plating, and named it 'Freedom'. The left, he gave a black plating, and named it 'Justice'. He engraved both of the names in an ornate font on the slides.


Plasma Rounds

Since the standard .45 ACP ammunition for the M1911 is no longer in production, Logan had to find a way to make a different modern round to work. He decided to use the P-Sec Pistol cartridge, and modified the guns to accept the rounds. They are still more powerful than the regular P-Sec Pistol, however, due to Logan adding a specialized plasma coating mechanism using the energy from the gun firing.

Increased Magazine Size

Due to the guns now using the P-Sec Pistol cartridge and magazine, it has the same ammunition capacity as the P-Sec Pistol.

Increased Accuracy

Also due to the P-Sec round, as well as a specialized rifling, the guns are much more accurate.

Decreased Recoil

Achieved with a specialized recoil mitigation mechanism in the slide, as well as muzzle breaks that redirect gas upwards.

Increased Firerate

Due to a modified firing pin on both guns, this allows the guns to fire as fast as the trigger can be pulled.