The MPMR-123 Adaptive RIG is Logan Taylor's personally built RIG.


The Adaptive RIG's primary appearance is a jacket, pants, work shoes and fingerless gloves. The jacket is white with black stripes running down the sleeves and on the trim, and features the EDF logo on the left shoulder, and the insignia of the Angel Special Operations Unit on the right. The pants are also white and feature a black stripe running down each leg, and also have a black trim. The work shoes are black, and feature a jet propultion system allowing Logan to maneuver in zero-G. In its second form, it switches to a full body suit, which can happen in a second in an emergency. In this mode, the jacket closes itself airtight, as well as any other openings, and a helmet activates over Logan's head.


The RIG is extremely durable, able to take punishment from any conditions without breaking down. It offers protection from bullets and other impacts, and in its full suit form it provides even more protection. The RIG has a total of 500 seconds of air capacity, and features a new thruster system, allowing for extremely high speeds in zero-G areas, as well as allowing Logan some manner of flight even under gravity.