This is under construction Mark Anthony Joesph is a Engineer who is investigating a abandoned space station in the Jupiter sector 


DeadSpace 2 - Isaac RIG

Mark Anthony Joesph

Mark Anthony Joseph

Biological Information

Date of Birth January 29th 2480
Date of Death April 5th 2505 (Aged 25)
Homeworld Earth,Langley, Virginia

Physical Description

Blood type O+
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 178 Lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Race White

Chronological and Political Information

Occupation Sprawl Security Guard,Lieutenant.
Marital status No.
Relative(s) Nene Joseph(Mother)Marcello Joseph,(Father)
Status dead


Mark Anthony Joseph was born on January 29th 2480 on planet earth in Langley, Virginia to his Mother Nene Joseph and father Marcello Joseph

Mark attenended space engineering in 2493 with his friend Donnie Walsh. After His engineering he went to a abandoned space station near by jupiter in 2500 with a couple of 70th SAS Pact sqaud to investigate to later find that the rest had been dead. After the escape from Jupiter. In 2505 he landed on a hostile planet named Viper 276b and found out that furukimono had been breeded there.At 90:83 PM he is violently killed by the cerberus furukimono as it slams him against the ground and rips his left arm. When his friend Donnie arrives but he was too late as he stares down at the Mangled body of Mark and his body was sent into a black hole.

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