Marker Hybrids are a recurring theme first mentioned in Dead Space - Escalation and seem to have been created from the Hybrid Project, this seems to not fully be true as there could be at least two more that predecessed those of the Hybrid Project - each representing the: Black Marker, Red Marker and theoretical White Marker.


Marker Hybrids are essentially the de jure Commanders of the Necromorphes through they see their "brothers" as little more than an infection, the Marker Hybrids are assumed to be the reconstitied DNA of the redecessor Race whom created the Marker and the means of replicating a Marker before creating a Hybrid from their DNA is the equivelent to either Cloning or Replicating - a form of reproduction. Marker Hybrids are not killed with the destrction of their Markers, if their Marker is capable of being destroyed, certain Markers however give little to fear for the natural inhabitances and so had been long ignored.

Known Marker Hybrids

Original Hybrids:

Hybrid Project Hybrids: