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Operation: BLACK FLAG was the highly classified retaking of the USG Ishimura by government forces. Following the loss of the IX-187 and USM Intrepid, the EDF-N deployed a significantly larger force to the Aegis system, divided into two distinct elements: one to continue blockading the system shockpoint, the other tasked with retaking the Ishimura and cleansing it of the infection.

"A seemingly endless horde of shambling abominations on a used-up falling apart planetcracker. Hell knows why Chang says we have to take it back - I don't a damn. What I do know is that we aren't some chickenshit corporate security team or some colonial yokels with improvised weapons. We are the Earth Defense Force Marine Corps, and we take no shit from anyone or anything, especially not some ragtag group of freaks and monsters."
—General James L. Carter

The EDF battle group deployed to retake the Ishimura consisted of thirteen warships, including a carrier and two heavy cruisers, and a detachment of 8,000 marines. Additionally, a trio of specialized vessels carrying agents of a semi-secret organization joined the task force, and provided the first real intelligence on what the marines would be facing on the Ishimura.[note 1]

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  1. Defense Secretary Chang is generally credited with forcing the so-called "Oracles" into providing information on the infection that had overtaken the planetcracker; he personally held them responsible for the loss of the Intrepid and the escape of the freelancer, attributing the failure to share necessary intelligence as the root cause of those disasters - and by extension, the loss of the Valor.