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"Powering humanity's evolution."

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The logo of Prometheus Station located in the Metropolitan Sector

--Motto of Prometheus Station

Prometheus Station is a civilian space station built on one of Saturn's moons, Prometheus. Prometheus Station is twice the size of Titan Station, housing an entire city, a large area dedicated to schools, a research sector, a security sector, and a Unitologist church. The population consists of 2.4 million civilians, 500,000 security personnel, and 25,000 research personnel. Prior to it's Necromorph outbreak in 2510 it also served as the home of the Atlas Manufacturing Corporation. All civilians, Necromorphs, and buildings were obliterated during the destruction of it's main power source by Joseph Kinnear. The only thing that survived the blast was a few records of it's corrupt government.


Prometheus Station is split into four distinctive sectors--the Metropolitan Sector, the Security Sector, the Education Sector, and the Research Sector. Like Titan Station, it uses "crossover tubes" that provide transportation between the sectors and act as a docking platform for ships.

Metropolitan Sector

The Metropolitan Sector takes the form of a large rectangular area that consists of large skyscrapers, medical centers, the headquarters of the Atlas Manufacturing Corporation, the botanical gardens, the Unitologist church, and the Light-Tram systems. It also consists of two sub-sectors, the upper and lower, both being relatively similar.

Security Sector

The Security Sector is just west of the Metropolitan Sector and consists of the main building of the Prometheus Station Security Services, the corrupt Prometheus Executive Office, and a classified EarthGov station deep below it's surface. Like the Metropolitan Sector, it consists of two sub-sectors, the open and the classified.

Education Sector

The Education Sector is the easternmost sector of Prometheus Station and consists of an elementary school, a junior-high school, a high school, and a university. This sector was also used for experiments with the Necromorph virus on schoolchildren with low grades by the Prometheus Executive Office.

Research Sector

The Research Sector is the northernmost sector of Prometheus Station and consists of the Main Research Building, the Marker Holding Cell, and the Mineral Storage Department.


Creation and Pre-Infestation

Prometheus Station was created a few years after Titan Station to prevent the threat of overpopulation in 2460. In a few years it was faced with the same threat it was to prevent and was closed to the public due to it's total population five-hundred thousand civilians, which was higher than the security population at the time. Luckily, the security force was able to reach a higher number of members than civilians in ten years. Everything was going well until the discovery of the Atlas Marker by the Atlas Manufacturing Corporation while they were terraforming some of Prometheus. They brought it to the Research Sector, where it would never be seen by the public again.

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