Spencer Irvan was born on one of the moons surrounding Saturn and at the age of thirteen he became interested in the planet Earth because of its ability to support life.By the time he was 19 years old he decided to learn on mining and planet crackers like the USG Ishimura. Spencer was also very interested in Unitology.At the age of 24 Spencer became a scientist and joined the government not long after.

After The USG Ishimura Incident

Spencer seemed slightly disturbed after learning what really happened to the Ishimura knowing that there was no terrorist attack and it was caused by an alien infection caused by a relic called "The Marker", something found in the religion of Unitology. Spencer also learned about people exposed to the marker were brought to a shuttle and stored in stasis.

Outbreak on The Sprawl

Spencer was aware of the Sprawl outbreak and was one of the scientists to help develop a Marker soon after he left the Sprawl before most of the station was consumed by Necromorphs and sociopaths.He did not care that every one on the Sprawl would die because of his belief in the next step to life. However, the Marker was destroyed when the man Isaac Clarke managed to destroy the Marker and escaped with his friend Ellie on a shuttle before the entire station was obliterated. This event upset Irvan that the Necromorphs were killed. However upon learning that small fragments were still left he planned to conduct research on the objects.During examination upon one of the fragments it lodged its self into his chest. The effects however let him survive the trauma done to him but also made him slightly insane.

Insanity and mutation

Spencer then killed the other scientists, and after a few hours, a necrotic, almost reptilian skin developed around his chest and soon consumed his shoulder and half of his body, giving him the appearance of a Necromorph-human hybrid. His arms then began to form into claws and he planned to infect every person on 5 stations to spread the Marker's effects and infection across the galaxy. During one of the station attempts, he encountered Isaac and Ellie and attacked them from behind. Isaac quickly grabbed his Plasma Cutter and tried to shoot but missed two shots Ellie used a mining gun to distract the creature while Isaac shot the creature in the shoulder and was pushed into a wall, however Isaac grabbed a discarded Line Gun and shot the creatures left leg off. Isaac then grabbed his Plasma Cutter and Line Gun, the combined force of the 2 blasts not only dismembering his arms but also sending a wave to the damaged Marker fragment, caused it to shatter a hole with what appeared to be acid draining out of it, caused the injured Spencer to slowly get consumed by flames and acid, his entire body was rotted into a dissolving liquid, killing him.

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