• Auguststorm1945

    Possible Subjects

    January 2, 2011 by Auguststorm1945

    Some possible article subjects; some are only vaguely referred to, while others provided either baseline or detailed information ripe with opportunity for expansion.

    • Events
    • Kara Sea Hostage Crisis
    Details: American freighter illegally enters the Kara Sea; Russian authorities capture the vessel and imprison the crew, resulting in (presumably) international turmoil
    • Bering Sea Conflict
    • First Battle of the Bering Sea
    • Second Battle of the Bering Sea
    Details: Engagement resulting from an American response to the Kara Sea Hostage Crisis
    • Global Warming Epidemic
    Details: "Significant climatological imbalance"; major rise in sea level, Venice and New York flooded/destroyed; thousands (millions?) of refugees move to higher elevations
    • Trinity Hurricanes
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