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  • Events
Details: American freighter illegally enters the Kara Sea; Russian authorities capture the vessel and imprison the crew, resulting in (presumably) international turmoil
  • First Battle of the Bering Sea
  • Second Battle of the Bering Sea
Details: Engagement resulting from an American response to the Kara Sea Hostage Crisis
Details: "Significant climatological imbalance"; major rise in sea level, Venice and New York flooded/destroyed; thousands (millions?) of refugees move to higher elevations
  • Trinity Hurricanes
Details: powerful storms submerge the Mississippi delta
Details: (presumably) widespread conflict for material resources; involved several factions (at least three); possibly involved all human worlds/locations
Details: Provocation unknown; riots resulted in thousands dead (police, rioters, bystanders); government changeover later; significant damage to Mars Capita and the surrounding area
Details: (eleven years prior to Dead Space) C.E.C. operation goes wrong; a gravity tether failure results in the loss of a planet cracker, three supply ships, and the colony
Details: Research team accidentally creates a necrotic recombinant lifeform; following the deaths of two researchers, lifeform(s) began systematically killing researchers and support/military personnel; researchers successfully "activate" Red Marker and end initial Necromorph outbreak; also, first known instance of Red Marker interference; Aegis System quarantined
  • Organizations
  • Characters
Details: Head of Marker Research Team; (presumably) killed during 1st Aegis VII incident
ISHIMURA Chief Science Officer
ISHIMURA Second Science Officer
Aegis 7 P-SEC Sergeant
ISHIMURA Chief Security Officer
  • Spacecraft
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