"R.I.G recorder activated"

"My name is Ashley Dale, um i'm 17 years old and I don't understand what's happening, everyone has gone crazy, I just witnessed the sole horror, it has been titled the Union Square suicide. I ran from my families apartment in B wing when I heard my father killing our next door neighbor, I found the remains of my mother, she who chased after him to stop him, now dead in the hallway. I am so scared, I don't know what to do, what's happening, where should I go?"

R.I.G link interupted, message ends.

Ashley slowley stood up, her back lightley brushing the wall as she scrambled to put the small recorder away. Tucking it into her jeans she looked left, and then scanned the hallway to the right, she heard loud growls all over the ceiling, and then screams along the left hallway. She quickly ran right, passing a sign labled tram station 5. Quickly she ran through the Tram station doors and saw a large group of people pushing and shoving near a Tram car.

"If all of you people do not back up this Tram isn't going anywhere, you get it?"

The crowd continued to push and shove, then a gunshot resonated off the high ceiling.

"If all of you do not back off we will all die."

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