• Captain Bradman

    For Chapter 1, you will make your character have a normal day on the Sprawl. Tell the story of his/her life on that given day.

    Please be sure to visit the original page (Dead Space: Integration Character Setup)and create your character.

    Make the character; live the story; die on the Sprawl.

    Remember: this blog is only for a normal day at your character's job. This does not include the infection. Do NOT add Necromorphs in Chapter 1.

    When we have enough entries and enough characters, we will begin another blog with the appropriate Chapter 2 title.

    Good luck, and write your chapter down below.

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  • Captain Bradman

    In this blog, you can create a character for the newly creating "Dead Space: Integration" story. This story will tell the lives of new and exquisite characters created by YOU!

    To get started, create a blog down below with the following information about your character:

    1.) Name

    2.) Age

    3.) Height

    4.) Weight

    5.) Appearence

    6.) Personality

    7.) History

    8.) Job/Specialty

    9.) Gear and Weapons

    Later, we will make a new blog dedicated for each chapter. Let's get this Wiki active! Wooo!

    Thanks to Nathan McNeil( P-SEC) from the Dead Space Wiki for the idea.

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  • Captain Bradman

    Thanks to Haegemonia from DSW, I decided to put my fan book up here.

    It tells the story of Brad Mitchell, a CEC Schofield Tools Mechanical Engineer aboard the USG Ishimura. Read as he makes difficult desisions based on luck and survival. Enjoy.

    Dead Space: Unaccompanied

    Journal Log #15

    My name is Bradley Mitchell. To any of you still alive out there, I wish you good luck. As for me, I’m a lost cause. I have survived this… nightmare for as long as I could. My only wish was that I could have escaped my prison, and have saved more people. I hope that the ones I lost are still alive and well, but that belief is a waste of energy. (Sigh) If only this could have been different. Why did I have to come? I knew this was a bad idea, to go to Aegis VII, bu…

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