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    Author's Note: This is quite horror-inclined, so don't read alone, in a stormy castle at night, and while I probably give myself too much credit, it's still creepy and a bit dark, so read at your own exspense. Also, all the things that are normally missing from the games and stories will be explained, so don't go jumping on my back because some of the things here don't exist in-game.

    With that said, let's begin.


    No, it was hot today. Hotter than England should be...

    So why the cold...?

    There was a flash of light – blinding, practically. Was it the Sun?

    No, there was a black rim. Like a four-leafed clover...

    Come to think of it, there were four lights, too. Or maybe it was just vision fading and shifting, screwing with perception?

    No, no, it…

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    Who doesn't want to live on Earth?

    There's a lot of reasons to live in nicer places, like the Sprawl, somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy (if you have a good degree in physics, biology and such – there aren't any miners on the forefront of mankind) if you're lucky, but God forbid you get put on a Planet-Cracker.

    Alistair had worked – no, lived – on a Planet-Cracker class ship for a month, and still suffered nightmares to this day. Compact corridors, hazardous machinery, nobody to help if things go wrong but a shuttle of five (an engineer, an electrician and three Merchant Marines) to the population of a large city. The conditions were hellish... but the thing Alistair missed most about being in the depths of space was the sun.

    It was odd, getti…

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    Hey, guys. Y'see, I am quite tired right now, but I'm also in the "Fanfic Zone". So, to compromise, I will release the first section of a story of mine now, which I will call "Dead Space: After The End. It will focus on a town (specifically, London) during its efforts to survive the Necromorphic Apocalpyse which has come and gone. This first bit just shows about an hour after it reaches London (and any plot holes here are intentional, I assure you) before the rest of the world, and the efforts of the main character, surgeon Alistair Wesley, to escape to a bunker.

    Of course, none of that actually happens at this point, but I promise, tomorrow I will follow up on it with the second part.


    Who doesn't want to live on Ear…

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    Mother Earth!

    May 8, 2011 by Captain tweed

    Earth is, like in most sci-fi games, very elusive when you consider that we live on the damned thing. And the Dead Space universe is no exception; pretty much the only thing we know about it is that it's probably very cramped and it doesn't have much fuel.

    But I ask you: how do you envision it? When somebody mentions Earth, do you think of giant, gleaming sky scrapers? A Blade Runner-esque world ran commercials to make this overflooded Hellhole look okay to live in (even when it isn't)? A reasonably clean - but oppressive - world where EarthGov cracks down on the slightest thought of rebellion with arrest, brainwashing, and eventual execution, and posters of the Director loom over people, warning them of his never-slowed perception? How do…

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    Right, I posted this on the original Wiki, and I've only just remembered it and how we need to copy + paste all the fanon here. Everything past this point was created a while ago:

    This one is for my Reintegration character, and my sudden sorrow upon hearing that all characters in the RPmust die at some point.

    This one's for you, Bullock.

    Begin log.

    It’s been a rough couple hours. I’ve seen a rough couple hours. I've seen men, women, and children alike, mutilated and bleeding, their eyes showing terror, sadness, and, for some admittedly fucked-up people, happiness.

    But, that’s no different than the old days. I can’t believe I wanted to relive some of those days.

    It’s all this time I've spent here, I guess. Back, way, way back, I could have taken …

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