• JonGrrr

    Dead Space Art! :D

    May 1, 2011 by JonGrrr

    Dead Space Art here:!_:D

    Tell me what you think! Thanks in advance!

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  • JonGrrr

    Dead Space: Truth

    April 24, 2011 by JonGrrr

    This is my first Dead Space fan fiction. Please tell me what you think of it and feel free to give me any advice, just please be nice about it. I hope you enjoy. :D

    A video screen blurs then clears, showing a blood stained room with a slightly twitching body of a strange creature on the floor. A boy, a teenager, wearing a Security R.I.G. with the helmet down, sits in a chair in front of the camera, dropping a white mining tool on the ground. He is shaking, his black hair stained with blood, and his right eye bleeding profusely, but his only blue eye was dull, as if losing life. The look on his face was full with fear and regret. His breathing heavy. "I send this video hoping for anyone to know what really happened here on the Sprawl." He st…

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