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aka Lel, Sassy

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Part-time Musician
  • I am Quarantined
  • Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion

    Dead Space 4 Fan Fiction (provided that the characters aren’t killed in Dead Space 3)

    Prologue: On Planet Earth

    2 people (David & Glen) are sitting on deck chairs somewhere in The Bahamas. (Glen) Nice sunset, aye David? (David) Yeah, don’t get much of those anymore, ever since we started living in space. (Glen) We couldn’t live here on Earth, too expensive; our room on The Sprawl is perfect. Cheap and a nice view. (David) We’ve been on Earth for about 4 years, let’s head back soon, I miss space for some reason. (Glen) Me too, space was so…peaceful, unlike here.

    (Silence for a bit before…)

    (David) Hey, you see that? (Glen) What? (David) There, that flaming object. (Points to it) (Glen) Oh my God, it’s heading right for us! (David) RUN!!!

    (They r…

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