Isaac Vs The Necromorph by sith x


" Make us whole... "

The fourth installment of the Dead Space series, Dead Space: Evolution focuses on the evolution of Necromorphs and what it is that we consider human. Inside the Hellfire, a Military Conquest ship, Unitologists have bribed the cargo men of the Hellfire to bring in some "special" cargo for help on their inhabited planet, as they were expecting to go to war. However, this came with some unwanted consequences, as the cargo men started transforming into Necromorphs, later attacking the crew. Daryl Greenfire, a cargo shipper, is a man who witnesses this first hand. Using new tactics, weaponry, RIG's, and even Daryl's own Necromorph form, it is up to Daryl and his fellow survivors to escape the Hellfire, or die trying.


Chapter 1: Idiotic Actions

Chapter 2: Young and dead

Chapter 3: Afterlife

Chapter 4: Information

Chapter 5: Survival of the fittest

Chapter 6: The truth

Chapter 7: Hell and back

Chapter 8: Easy pickins

Chapter 9: General Greeser

Chapter 10: Rollcall

Chapter 11: Establish communication

Chapter 12: Epedemic

Chapter 13: Never ending

Chapter 14: Mutant

Chapter 15: Alone

Chapter 16: Reunion

Chapter 17: Kill or be killed

Chapter 18: Eccentric behavior

Chapter 19: Running nowhere

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