Hi, I'm writing a Dead Space fanfiction book titled "Dead Void".

Heres some info:

Dead Void centers on an American CEC Employee named Viktor Nichols. Early into the story (in chapter 1), he is called to help repair a reactor core shell (which unbeknownst to everyone, has been sabotauged by an anti-CEC insurgent who has planted an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) on the core itself. When it detonates mid-repair, Viktor becomes injured after suffering inhalation of toxic particles and a broken spine. After being taken to a hospital, he learns of the extent to his injuries, the particles he inhaled placed a coating on the inside of his lungs which prevents him from breathing on his own so he must don a special RIG to survive. How he continued to live despite inhaling an equivelent of asbestos, baffled doctors and surgions. As for his back injury, he recieved a prosthetic external spine to assist his severely damaged one (note: his spine was damaged after he was thrown against a wall from the blast).

Thats all I will reveal, plot-wise. I have not considered a release date for the book, but it will be published through as an e-book and then sometime later as an ibook to cater to those who have either an e-reader, iOS device, or both.

the characters are listed below with their RIGs, please feel free to suggest any you would like to be featured in my book (such as a character you have created (please tell me how you would like them to behave and how you want them to interact with other characters so I get it right)) and I may include you in the book as a contibuter.

> Viktor Nichols- Advanced Duty Diagnostic Life Support R.I.G.

> Eva Culage (Viktor's fiancé)- Civilian R.I.G. (later switches to the Police Security R.I.G.)

> Isaac Clarke (mentioned; interacted with on video chat)- Elite Advanced R.I.G. with white visor slits

> Karrie Norton (appears under a different name (Carol Windsor) to protect herself from any Unitologists that expect her to be dead (such as Tyler Radikov))- Intermediate Engineering R.I.G.

> Gabe Weller (like Viktor, he wears a life support R.I.G. to stay alive due to his injuries)- Modified Advanced Mining R.I.G. with voice filter

> The Test Subject- Hacker R.I.G.

> Tyler Radikov- Advanced Soldier R.I.G.

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