Choose a RIG (use the #, not the name) and then choose the modification(s) you would like to see in a future Dead Space installment (again, use the #, not the name).

Heres a stat. list to copy into your comments:



-Varient (version of the RIG you chose):


-Armor (60% max):

-Helmet (RIG #):

-Special Perks:

-# of Inventory Slots (from 15-50):

-# of Weapon Slots (from 4-5):

Here is the # key:

RIGs (1st 8 from DS1):

1- Std Miner

2- Intermediate Engineer

3- Intermediate Miner

4- Advanced Miner

5- Advanced Soldier

6- Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Elite Class

7- Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class

8- Advanced Unitologist

9- Security Suit

10- Patrol Suit

11- Prima Security Suit

12- Vintage Suit

13- Elite Vintage Suit

14- Advanced Suit

15- Elite Advanced Suit

16- Hacker Suit






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