• I live in in a house
  • My occupation is wat
  • I am robot
  • Necrohunter7

    -The term 'Engineer' instantly causes you to visualize Isaac Clarke

    -You think of the 211-V Plasma Cutter when someone mentions a Plasma Cutter (cutting torch)

    -When someone asks you for a marker (like a Sharpie) you berate them for being a Unitologist

    -You try to prepare yourself for a Necromorph outbreak

    -You try to build a replica of the Red Marker (with amplification pedistal) an put it in your bedroom to ward-off Necromorphs

    -You get slightly nervous around wall and ceiling vents (that a person could fit in)

    -You are slightly cautious of babies, in case they sprout 3 tentacles and shoot barbs at you

    -You try to ask for stasis and kinesis modules for Christmas

    -You use a red foam sports hand on your Dead Space 2 cosplay costume

    -You Desperatly t…

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  • Necrohunter7

    Ok, so I came up this idea of weapon varients (modified varients of all the weapons/tools in Dead Space 1 and 2. Please try to come up with something by yourself, and try not to copy anyone else.

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