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    Well i hope whoever read my last story was satisfied on how it turned out. Here's my second story, Taking 3 years after My first story, on the sprawl.

    And dont read it if you see something you dont like. And Tell me what you dont like so i can change or remove it.

    Chp 1: A new day

    Chp 2: Upgrades

    Chp 3: Testing Stages

    Chp 4: Reunion

    Chp 5: Crazy People

    Chp 6: What's going on?

    Chp 7: Hell Re-emerges

    Chp 8: Visions

    Chp 9: Memories

    Chp 10: Old places, dead faces

    Chp 11: Push

    Chp 12: Something to be known

    Chp 13: Sharpshooter

    Chp 14: A haunting memory

    Chp 15: Roadblock

    Chp 16:

    Chp 17:

    Chp 18:

    Chp 19:

    Chp 20:

    Chp 1: A new day

    The alarm clock next to Jake’s bed went off, so loud, he woke and accidently hit is head upon the headboard, his wife, Madalyn, was in the kitc…

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  • Spartan describer243

    What should i do? Write another story, or just leave it as is? tell me what to do

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  • Spartan describer243

    I am totally new at this, and since i am both a fan of halo and dead space, i thought this would be a good idea for a fanfiction halo/ dead space story, so if i put in chracters from the actual Dead Space game, its to make it interesting.

    Chp. 1: Hot pursuit

    Chp. 2: Welcome to Aegis 7

    Chp. 3: Welcome to Hell

    Chp. 4: A sore Landing

    Chp. 5: An Unfriendly crew

    Chp. 6: Getting to The Medical Deck

    Chp. 7: Dark Shadows

    Chp. 8: Stomp it into the ground

    Chp. 9: Too much?

    Chp. 10: Back Topside

    Chp. 11: Kindness of strangers

    Chp. 12: Out of Betrayal

    Chp. 13: A Deadly encounter

    Chp. 14: Time to leave

    Chp. 15; How do we get home?

    The story main characters are 2 female spartans, 4 o.d.s.t's, and an elite zealot. The spartans, odst's and elite zealot make a truse when the…

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