Well i hope whoever read my last story was satisfied on how it turned out. Here's my second story, Taking 3 years after My first story, on the sprawl.

And dont read it if you see something you dont like. And Tell me what you dont like so i can change or remove it.

Chp 1: A new day

Chp 2: Upgrades

Chp 3: Testing Stages

Chp 4: Reunion

Chp 5: Crazy People

Chp 6: What's going on?

Chp 7: Hell Re-emerges

Chp 8: Visions

Chp 9: Memories

Chp 10: Old places, dead faces

Chp 11: Push

Chp 12: Something to be known

Chp 13: Sharpshooter

Chp 14: A haunting memory

Chp 15: Roadblock

Chp 16:

Chp 17:

Chp 18:

Chp 19:

Chp 20:

Chp 1: A new day

The alarm clock next to Jake’s bed went off, so loud, he woke and accidently hit is head upon the headboard, his wife, Madalyn, was in the kitchen making breakfast when she heard the commotion.

“Ah, Crap!” Grunted Jake as he reached over to shut his annoying alarm clock off “Wish these things weren’t so damn loud”

“Baby, you okay?” called out Madalyn.

“Yea, sweetheart, I’m fine” He called out as rose out of bed, he muttered something else, not enough for his wife to here it “UNSC alarm clocks weren’t this loud”

Jake started for his closet, reaching for his brown coat, inside one of the pockets was his Security Badge; he looked down to the floor, there, next his shoes, laid his ODST helmet. That helmet brought back good and bad memories, memories that have been buried for three years.

He walked into the kitchen, giving his wife a passionate hug followed by a kiss on the cheek

“I’m going to work late again tonight Maddy, don’t wait up” Jake said as he reached for his cup of coffee.

“Okay Babe, will you at least be here tonight to watch Zoey?”

“You bet, speaking of which, ZOEY!” he happily yelled, and through the sliding door to from a little baby’s room, out came running 2 year old Zoey, who had a smile on her face.

“Because tonight I have a Girl date with Amanda”

“Okay, Okay” Jake said with a chuckle.

Jake walked out of the Door and on to a nearby elevator, during which time on the elevator, he video made a call on his newly installed civilian R.I.G. A video Screen suddenly popped up, and his best friend Mark Stroms appeared.

“Hey Jake, how are you doing man? And how are your girls?” Frank greeted his friend on the video link

“I am doing great, and of course, you know I have the best girls on this station”

“Glad to hear it, so did you hear about this week’s assignment roster?”

“No, I didn’t” Jake said with a cocked an eyebrow.

“Well it appears Cole, You, and I was picked…. Again” Mark said with slightly irritated tone

“I don’t get why they always pick us for the rosters” Sighed Jake.

The elevator stopped and the door opened to reveal the bottom floor of his apartment complex busy as usual.

“Well it’s packed tighter than a rat’s nuts down here; we’ll talk more once I get back to the office”

Chp 2: Upgrades

Two technicians examining both suits of armor that stood before them on an opposite side of the glass, admiring their upgraded achievement

“Okay Ladies, tell us what you think” said the first technician.

Two tall women approached the window separating them from the armor on the other side.

“I think you boys did a better job than the other people that previously worked on them” Said Tori, sounding satisfied at the sight of the suits.

“As long as you kept the brace on mine, im telling you, my arm still feels funny after all this time” Said Mikaela, who had her left hand on her right arm.

“All the components from the previous armory diagram are still there, but we added two new R.I.G.S so you communicate with anyone, anything, refer to its map in case one of you stray off from one another. “

“I’m impressed, so when can we take them out?”

“Whenever you’re ready, but just a few more things, if ever when you come across a Zero-G environment, you can release the magnetic plating on the bottom of your boots to release yourself from the floor, or whatever it is your standing on, you can also maneuver using small air thrusters on your suits”

“Thank you, Professor Sykes” said Tori grateful

30 minutes later

“It feels good to be back” Tori said.

Mikaela gave out a sigh of relief “That feels much better”

“Okay Tori, walk to the opposite end of the room, and open up a video link with Mikaela.” Said Professor Sykes

“Roger that”

Tori proceeded to opposite end of the testing room. Then a Video screen popped up, on the feed, was Mikaela in her armor.

“How am I coming commander?” asked Mikaela through the feed.

“Your coming in loud and clear” Said Tori.

Professor Sykes’ voice came over through the feed for both Spartans.

“Okay, we are going Zero-G” Announced Sykes

“You Ready Mikaela?” asked Tori

“More than ready commander” Mikaela said eagerly.

The room that was filled with crates, pallets, and barrels started to lift slowly into the air, signaling that the gravity in the room was now zero. As the Objects drew higher into the air, Tori was very amazed at the sight.

“Okay, Tori, your GPS on your wrist has been converted to a portable Scanner and Magnetic switch, just pres the button on the bottom left to deactivate your magnetic plating on your boots” Instructed Sykes.

“Copy that” Tori acknowledged

With the press of that button, The Spartan was floating and flying around the room like bird in the sky, while Mikaela had no idea on how to get her self airbourn.

“As for you Mikaela, your brace has customized to both heal your arm, and to also deactivate the magnetic plating, you just need rotate the brace 90 degrees in either direction, do it again to re-magnetize.”

“Thank you Professor” said Mikaela

30 seconds later, and with the twist of the brace, Mikaela lept into the zero-g room with her commanding officer, Both the Professor and his assistant were happy to see both Spartans flying around the room. Soon he opened an audio link to Tori.

“We are going to run some more tests on your armor in particular Tori, but we will do that tomorrow.”

“What Kind of tests?” asked Tori, re-magnetizing herself back to the floor.

“You will see soon enough, Sykes out” he said with a curious tone toward Tori.

“What was that all about Commander?” asked Mikaela, who was silently hovering above Tori.

“I don’t Know, I do not know”

Chp 3: Testing Stages

24 hours later, Sprawl fight deck

A strange object was being hoisted by Kinesis equipped technicians, Its shape looking oddly familiar to Tori, Sykes explained

“You recognize what that is Tori?” asked Tori with a smug grin.

“Hate to see that grin of yours get any smugger, I recognize the shape, is that…. my jetpack?”

“We Stream lined it to fit you’re armor, the previous design was, how can I put this? Dated, The Thrusters that propel you into the air now have a thrust 15 times greater than what it once had, which means not only can you hover, but you now fly around as did yesterday in the Zero-G room” Sykes explained further.

Tori looking at her newly upgraded Jetpack deeply satisfied at what the scientist’s on the sprawl have done for her. “So you said the thrust was 15 times greater, will it work in space?”

“Glad you asked” Sykes said, holding a Holographic design of her jetpack “Since the original design did not work in space, we decided to instead technology from our shuttles here on the sprawl.”

“So when can I Take the pack out?” asked Tori, eagerly waiting.

“In about 20 minutes, all we need to do is to get the wiring right and firing sequence ready, as soon as that’s done, you can go on the flight deck”

“Amazing Job Sykes, thank you” Said Tori, with an outstretched hand.

“The pleasure is mine” Sykes said shaking her hand.

Tori walked through the door on the opposite end of the room, as soon as Tori was out of earshot…

“Get Director Tiedmann and his engineering Staff up here, there is something that they may want to see”

20 minutes, on the flight deck itself.

“Starting maneuver system run through” Tori said over the comm.

The thrusters moved out their housing, rotating in a full 360 degrees, flight adjustment flaps on the pack moved in upward and downward motions, finally, the run through was over, the true test was about to begin.

The flight deck observation lounge was occupied by Director Tiedmann, his engineering staff, Sykes, and his personal assistant.

“So tell me professor, what was was so important to pull my staff and I out of a meeting?” asked Tiedmann impatiently.

“You are about to see Director, there on the flight deck is Tori-619, she is part of a undisclosed program of super soldiers. We chose her to test a new maneuvering system, capable of giving any kind of one person the speed of one of our shuttles, but with the maneuverability of ancient earth fighter aircraft.”

Tiedmann gave out an annoyed sigh. But just as he sighed, Tori lifted off the flight deck, Thrusters on her pack burning bright. She gave a forward slant of her body and she was off the deck.

“Okay, now, I’m Impressed” Tiedmann remarked.

Tori made a loop around the inactive solar array came back around the third station gravity panel, made it look like she was headed toward Saturn, but then out of nowhere, she pulled an ancient earth Fighter aircraft maneuver, a split S. she was now back heading toward the flight deck. Tiedmann and everyone watched in amazement at the speed and maneuverability of the space bourne Spartan as she raced past the observation lounge.

“You said this was experimental Professor?” asked Tiedmann

“Yes Director, but only experimental, this is the very first prototype.”

Just before Tiedmann was going to say anything else, Tori landed back on the flight deck, both boots hitting the metal of the deck.

“Flight test complete, the pack handles like a dream Professor” Said Tori over the comm. as she walked toward the airlock door.

“So when can we expect more of these… packs?” Tiedmann impatiently asked.

“I can’t give you an exact date, but when-“ Sykes suddenly felt a bolt of electricity run up his spine “Sir, I feel like we are being watched all of a sudden”

“Search the room” Tiedmann ordered to his staff.

One of his staff members neared the door that was exiting the room, when he saw a shimmer.

“Sir!” called over the engineer.

Once Tiedmann approached the door, the shimmer suddenly shifted toward the ceiling, a ceiling panel fell to the floor, nearly landing on the engineer.

“Damn!” Tiedmann exclaimed. “We can’t let this intruder get the best of us, Sykes, continue testing of the pack, and try to get it into full production”

“Yes Director”

Chp 4: Reunion

“Excuse me, Detective Locklear?”

“What is it Mac?”

“We are getting confirmed reports of Mass suicides in multiple sectors throughout the station.” Mac said nervously.

“Suicides? Must be those Unitologists I keep hearing about, where’s the closest sector?” Jake said with his palm over his face.

“Yea, one of those ceremonial Suicides”

Jake gave a distressed sigh “Okay, I will get a hold of Mark and Frank, tell them what’s going on”

“You got it boss, oh, one more thing, it appears that we have a volunteer team on the mass suicide case”

“Who’s the team?” asked Jake with a cocked eyebrow

“Let… Me….See Ah Ha” said Mac while looking through the papers for the volunteer roster.

“Team…Sierra?” Mac said, doing a double take on the paper.

Jake thought of the only people that refer to them as Sierra.

“Commander” he said quietly.

“What did you say boss?”

“Nothing, where’s the sector of the suicides?

“Delta Sector” Mac said sounding unsure of himself.

“That’s about half a click away for the church, are you reading your R.I.G. right?

“I’m sure sir”

“Good, hold down the fort, I’m rolling out” Jake said grabbing his coat and Divet Pistol from his desk.

1 Hour later

Jake was the first to arrive at the suicide scene, mass amounts dead bodies laid motionless around the courtyard. So much blood was covering the floor, the term bloodbath was appropriate. The second to Arrive was Mark Cole.

“What do we have Major?” asked Cole looking around.

“It’s no longer Major, at least when I’m not wearing my BDU, but its detective now. We got our run of the mill religious mass suicide rally.”

“Do we have a Time of death?” asked Mark, examining the closest body to him.

“We can extract one of the logs from the R.I.G.S, that will give us the Time of death, or should I say, Deaths.”

Jake managed to pull up one of the logs of a dead woman that was lying in front of him. It showed a disturbing scene, much to a matter he had seen 3 years before. After going over that mental picture in his mind, Jake was able to make a Time of death for all the people lying around the courtyard.

“These people committed suicide 3 hours ago” Jake said with his hand running down his bearded face.

“3 hours ago, I was still asleep then” a voice rang out, Both Jake and Mark looked to the right of them, it was Frank Stroms.

“I wish this reunion was under better circumstances.” Frank said sadly.

“Me too man” agreed Mark.

“All these people… killing themselves for a worthless cause” Jake said, looking around, taking in the mass suicide that lay before him.

“What cause do you think that was?” asked Frank scratching his bald head.

“The chance at Convergence” A female voice called out, the team looked up, to see two tall armored Soldiers with very familiar armor arrangements. It was Tori and Mikaela.

“Glad to see you boys” Tori said with an outstretched hand toward Jake.

“Same here Commander” He said, shaking her hand.

“So commander, what’s this ‘Convergence’ about?” asked Mark.

“I heard these people, who you called ‘Unitologists’ constantly talking about it, I guess It has to deal with this ancient artifact called a ‘Marker’, but then again, I could be wrong”

“You becoming one of these Unitologist’s commander?” joked Mark.

“No, I’m just stating what I heard.”

A video link suddenly opened up on Jake’s R.I.G., it was Mac, Jakes assistant.

“Boss, we have a situation!” He said sounding very alarmed.

“What is it Mac?”

“We got another Suicide rally, only this time its involving Earthgov Security along with civilians”

“Okay, we will handle it from here”

“What do you mean ‘We’?”

“I will explain later, I just need to know where this rally is”

“It’s in the Theta sector”

“Good, Thanks Mac, be careful alright?”

“Sure thing Boss”

The link closed

“We’ll never get there in time, that’s on the other side of the station” said Mark

“Yes we will” Tori said confidently. “Be back in ten”

Tori ran over to the nearby airlock, The Former Troopers watched in amazement as Tori took off like a missile.

“Wow, did her Jetpack get an upgrade?” asked Mark.

“Indeed it did, but not how you think”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked

“The Jetpack that she got upgraded, Tiedmann and Earthgov are planning to produce more for their soldiers, making us look like Covenant grunts.”

“That’s bad”

Before Mikaela had the Chance to respond, a bright beam of light shined upon the courtyard, light dimmed enough to reveal what is was, it was the very Pelican that got them off the ISHIMURA 3 years earlier, but it looked different. The pelican looked like she was brand new, as if it just came off the assembly line.

“Mikaela, I’m going to need you at your original position here. Boys, hope you still have your uniforms.”

Mikaela and All of the troopers were in unison “Yes Ma’am”

Chp 5: Crazy people

30 minutes later en route to the theta sector

Back in their faithful drop ship, The Spartans and troopers geared up for what could be a bloodbath in the theta sector. The Men now in their brown blood covered BDU’s, R.I.G.’s synced, they started for their new gear. The troopers grabbed new weapons that lined inside the weapon racks inside the troop carrier bay of the pelican, with some old weapons as well. SWS Motorized Pulse rifles and Seeker rifles now lined the inside the weapon carriers in the pelican, while the submachine guns the troopers once used now inside pullout compartments beneath the seats. Jake took a hold of a Pulse rifle.

“This Gun feels good, lighter the assault rifles we had before” Jake said with much delight with the rifle.

“I agree with you there Major.” chimed in Mark.

“You boys enjoying the tech back here?” asked Tori as she walked through the door.

“Very much so commander, I think we will-“

Tori interrupted Jake.

“Well, get ready to enjoy the tech more, we’re landing in 30 seconds”

“Well this should be fun” remarked Frank.

The pelican touched down on the landing pad outside the airlock leading into the theta sector. The Doors of the pelican opened as the Troopers and Spartans stormed out of the drop ship. . The door entering the Theta sector opened to large, dimly lit room. Blood trails in multiple directions led around the room, large crate lying undisturbed in and around the room, making what appeared to be a maze. Lights on their Weapons, the squad proceeded slowly in and around the crates.

“Something is not right here” Jake whispered, enough to where Tori could hear him, but not to everyone else.

Tori raised her assault rifle “Your right about that Major”

Before either of them could say anything else, a very quick figure suddenly ran in front of the squad, with the sound of bones cracking and a barely audible chirp. The squad rounded a corner, what they thought a body laid in front of them turned out to their very grim surprise to what was left of a human body

“Oh no” Mark said with a fearful tone.

Tori knelt down to examine the remains.

“This person wasn’t killed by what we encountered 3 years, at least not as gruesome, the’ John Doe’ we have here was shot in the head, but stabbed an uncountable amount of times in the torso, and the legs broken in 5 places from what I can tell, an his feet have been cleanly cut off.” Tori deduced

A loud voice suddenly echoed through the room, an extremely hostile and violent voice.


A man suddenly rushed Frank, holding a plasma saw inches away from his throat. The rest of the squad aimed their weapons at the crazed man.

“THEY KILLED HIM, YOU SEE? THEY KILLED HIM!” yelled the lunatic.

“Whoa, calm down man, who killed this person?” Groaned Frank

“shhh, you hear that? They are watching us. Me, you. All of us!”

Tori slowly moved her left boot forward, not enough to where the crazy would even know.

“They are coming, for you, for me, for all of us!” The psycho yelled just before slitting his own head off with the plasma saw. Blood splattered across Frank’s visor. The crazy’s body falling to the floor, followed by shell shocked Frank, who was caught in Midair by the commander.

“You alright Stroms?” asked a concerned Tori.

“A little shook up, but I’ll live commander” Frank said, shaking off the situation.

Tori released Frank to let him pick up his dropped Pulse Rifle, now covered in blood, but not enough to get into the barrels. The Crazy’s neck where his head once sizzled and steamed from the immense heat from the saw, his arm’s twitched several times before finally stopping.

“Not how I pictured how my day would start.” Mikaela said, with her shotgun lowered.

me neither” Tori said in her mind, flashing back to the images of what happened to them 3 years earlier, seeing all the blood on the floors. Seeing Glen Hanson’s severed head on the floor, rolling toward her.

“You okay Commander?” asked a worried Mikaela.

“I’m fine, let’s go and find that suicide rally we were sent to find” Said Tori, sounding distraught.

Chp. 6: What’s going on?

20 minutes later, in the theta sector

Down the hall and through the corridors, the Squad proceeded to find the location of the recent suicide rally, but no avail.

“Does anyone have the slightest clue to find the location of this rally?” asked Tori, sounding irritated.

“It should be beyond the door commander, at the end of this corridor” Mikaela said while looking at her R.I.G.’s map.


Tori regretted saying that as soon as the door opened. The door opened to a very ugly scene, civilians and Earthgov security guards littered the floor, blood oozing out every single body in the room. What appeared to be hundreds of people with gunshots through their heads, all in the same position, through the bottom of the throat and holes on the top of the head.

“My god” Mark said, feeling as if all of the breath in his body was taken away.

“Split up, Two Teams, see what corrupted these people to do this to themselves, Report to me on my R.I.G if you find anything.” Ordered Tori

Everyone responded in unison once again “Yes Ma’am”

Jake, Frank and Mark headed in the opposite direction of the Spartans.

“So what are expected to find here, Major” asked Mark.

“I don’t know man.”

Frank and Mark continued on, but stopped to see Jake kneeling over a pair of bodies.

“What do you got, Major?”

Jake didn’t answer.

“Sir, you okay?” Mark asked again.

Mark and Frank saw the motion of Jake’s body language change; they could tell he was filled with rage as he walked away from the body.

“What’s gotten into him?” Frank asked curiously.

They looked at the pair of bodies that Jake was previously kneeling over, they now felt a deep mutual pain for Jake; the bodies we’re Jake’s wife Madalyn, and 3 year old daughter Zoey. No gunshots were on the little girl, but abrasions on her neck signaled that was strangled to death.

“I-I just talked to Maddy just this morning, I was looking for Jake, but she said he just left when I called, and little Zoey was asleep in her arms.” Mark said with deep sorrow in his voice.

“I think we should contact the commander about this ASAP” Frank said with sadness in his voice.

She is not going to like this” Mark repeated in his mind.

He opened a rig link to Tori.

“Commander, I believe we found something”

“What did you find Cole?”

“Before I tell you, just to give you a heads up, the major wont be in the best mood when you see him”

“Noted, now, what did you find?” Tori asked again.

Mark took a deep breath before telling the commander the bad news.

“We found Major Locklear’s Wife and Daughter” Mark said with a palm over his visor.

Tori said with a saddened voice “Understood.”

The link closed

Mark was deep in thought as how Jake would act after his family’s death.

Mark knelt down to examine the bodies; both of them had their eyes open. Out of respect, Mark closed them.

Chp 7: Hell Re-emerges

“Mikaela, go find Locklear, If his family has been killed, he’s going to have words of encouragement” said a worried Tori.

“Yes Ma’am”

Mikaela walked way from the commander to go find Jake, who surprisingly on purposely bumped into her, she whipped around and grabbed him by the arm.

“Listen, Major, I heard the news about the death of your family, but that doesn’t mean you have to get pissed off at the people around you-“

A furious Jake Locklear lashed out at Mikaela

“You don’t know what it’s like to lose the people you love, Lieutenant Commander, all you Spartans are the same!” lashed Jake

What Jake had just said caused something deep inside Mikaela to snap, and throw a powerful punch into His shoulder pressure point. Jake let out the loudest scream his lungs let out

“Let that be reminder Major, Not I all Spartans are the same, before you had ever joined the UNSC, I too lost someone close to me, another Spartan in fact, He sacrificed his life so I could live and serve under Commander Tori”

Jake grunted while getting up from the punch Mikaela threw at him, once he got up.

“Okay, I got the message Ma’am”

Mark and Frank were not that far away from Jake and Mikaela, close enough to see the show.

Frank let out a chuckle “He had that coming”

“Yea, he did” Mark said.

An audio link opened up on everyone’s rig, it was the Commander.

“Fall in everyone, repeat, Fall in”

Within 20 seconds the squad fell in

“Good, everyone is still here, Locklear, what did you find out?”

Almost in the form of a growl “You already know what we found, Commander”

“I know, but what else did you find?"

Just as Jake was about to respond, a loud crash echoed through the room, several loud chirps were heard, what appeared to be footfalls suddenly surrounded the squad, followed by loud roars, all weapons of the squad were raised and armed.

“I have a feeling violence is about to ensue” Frank said eerily.

“Not again” Jake said quietly.

A small figure peeked around the corner, what appeared to be a disfigured head popped out of the side of a crate. Jake slowly approached the dark figure; he got close when the figure vanished behind the crate.

“I guess it must be nothing”

“Jake... move away, now!” Tori ordered

The small figured turned out to be a giant creature standing 4 feet above Jake. A monstrously large claw flung out at Jake, knocking him down the floor. Almost as if by there was some sort of force around them, without Tori ever saying it, the squad unleashed a hailstorm of bullets and bolts of energy. The creature let out an antagonized roar at the fallen trooper and bolted to a blind spot of a nearby crate.

“Fuck!” Jake grunted as he pounded his fist into the metallic floor.

Tori walked over with outstretched hand to pull him up.

“Get up Major”

Tori pulled up Jake. Just as head stood up, a loud, deadly, familiar roar now echoed through the room.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me” Remarked Tori said, shocked at the fact that the creatures they had once encountered three years earlier had come back for round two.

“Requesting Permission to get the damn things commander” asked Jake, with a sound in his voice of having a deep need for revenge.

“Denied Major, I don’t want you getting killed the same way Hanson got killed”

“Understood Ma’am” grunted Jake.

A familiar figure jumped on top of the nearest crate, staring at the squad with deadly intentions. The quickest one to respond to the imminent threat at hand was Mikaela. The creature jumped down from the crate sprinted toward the Spartan, Blades flailing in all directions with the intent to decapitate, but it never got the chance to fulfill its deadly mission, with well placed shotgun rounds to both arms of the creature, it fell before Mikaela.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” said Mikaela.

“You getting poetic on us Mikaela?” aggressively asked Tori.

“No Ma’am!” Shouted Mikaela, who just fired anther round into an infant creature that was shooting off organic barbs

Mark gave out a useful suggestion “Ma’am, I suggest we get back to the Pelican, and get out of here”

“Agreed, everyone fall back to the pelican”

Just as the squad started back, three bat-like creatures suddenly burst through two nearby vents

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me, they even look like bats?!” Tori shouted furiously

What they had expected to be an attack upon them, to much of their surprise and ultimate fear of Jake, two of the bat creatures latched onto two corpses, which turned out to be His Wife Madalyn, and 3 year old Zoey. Rapid flapping of their wings started as they spitting out strange yellow fluid from their apparent lobe into the Corpses of Jakes now undead family. Jake looked on in horror as his family become part of them; his wife rose from the ground, blades ejecting from her shoulders, an extra pair of hands burst from her midsection. Once the infection was complete, she let out the gruesome roar of the other creatures they had once fought. The other bat creature released its lobe from little Zoey’s head, giant claws sprouted from her hands, her face becoming torn, disfigured and bloody, mostly around her mouth.

“These are your kills Major! If you won’t take the shot, I will!” commanded Tori.

Just before pulling the tripper on his pulse rifle, Jake let out a small whisper, hoping his undead family would hear him “I’m Sorry”

With the creatures now resembling his family. Looking at Jake, they let out roars and screeches of attack. Both of them charged the Tear and Anger Driven trooper, who ultimately pulled the trigger on his family. The first to go down was Madalyn, both arms falling to the floor, her body falling backwards, landing with a loud thud against the metallic flooring. Zoey passed the rounds Jake had fired into his wife’s creature infected corpse, and managed to jump onto Jake, clawing and scratching on his armor.

The whole time Zoey’s corpse was scratching on him, he remembered all the good and fun times he had with his daughter, but he never imagined the last time he would ever get to hold her would be trying to get her dead and deadly corpse to get off of him.

With a final and deadly blow, Jake bashed his rifle against her head, beheading her.

“Baby, I’m so sorry” Jake said crying.

With the fight over, Jake fell to his knees, also dropping his rifle next to his leg. He looked at his weapon, feeling the umentionable amount of sadness and guilt that have been brought over him.. Tori started toward him to help him up, but instead of offering to pull him up, she simply gave him a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“You did what you had to do Jake.” said Tori disheartened.

“Your right Ma’am” Jake said as he rose from the floor.

“As for everyone else, fall back to the pelican, we need to go and tell someone about this."

No one breathed a word as they headed back toward the airlock and pelican

Chp 8: Visions

The pelican took off from the platform in the silence of space, headed back toward the alpha sector, where Jake’s office, Mark and Frank’s Apartment, and the test lab for the Spartans were. Inside the pelican, the only thing inside that was making noise was the thrusters on the pelican; no one said a word, trooper or Spartan. Frank was the first to break the silence.

“Jake, are you going to be alright?”

Even with his helmet on, Frank felt the “Im going to kill you if you ask that again” stare from Jake.

“Forget I asked”

Jake said with audio off in his helmet “Good Idea”

Tori’s voice came over the speaker

“ETA to alpha sector: 15 seconds”

A jolt went through the pelican as all of its landing gears hit the alpha sector platform. Nothing at all was right when the squad return to the alpha sector, spikes of metal rose from the floor, mostly caused by unknown explosions, Fires were going in several parts in the sectors exiting the airlock from the platform. Then the unmistakable blood trails and footprints lined the floor, in several directions.

“What the hell happened here?” gasped Frank.

“Something that’s in worse mood than I am” growled Jake.

“Major, now is not the time” Tori said quietly, but still with a stern tone.

“Yes Ma’am”

“What I do need you to do is contact the last person who talked to you today”

“Right, that would be my assistant, Mac”

“Good, try and reach, we need to tell him what’s happening”

Jake opened a R.I.G. link to Mac’s R.I.G. he answer it but the sound of his voice indicated that he was in terrified state.

“Jake? Jake man, things are hell down here, people are absolutely going crazy down here, and I mean crazy like people killing by Slicing off other people’s arms and legs. Whose there? Oh My God! No! NOOOO!!!”

The R.I.G. link went to static, leaving the squad to one clear conclusion.

“Its spread” Tori said dreadfully

“Jeez, is there anywhere these things aren’t?” groaned Mark.

“I believe it should be our priority mission to reach Mac’s last known location, see what we can find”

Tori shifted her gaze toward Jake, who was clenching his rifle so tight; blood was coming out his hands.

“Major? I need you at 100% for this. Maybe this will shed some light on how you’re family got into the state they are in”

He wiped his bloody hands on his helmet, in the pattern of a skull, then to his rifle.

“Yes ma’am” Jake Growled.

In his mind, finding out was the only thing that mattered to him to this point, and it kept repeating in his mind like an ancient earth record player, “I’m going to make them all pay, I don’t care how I do it, I’m going to make them all pay”

Tori opened up her R.I.G map for the location for Mac’s rig.

“His rig is in the C.e.C security offices”

“To get there, we are going to have to pass through tightly put spaces together” Jake said

“Is that true Major, is that your way of getting payback?”

“Yes, commander, I traveled that route day in and day out since we arrived here on the Sprawl”

“Noted Major” Tori took a pause to think about her next order was going to be and what repercussions it would have “Major, take point, lead the way”

Jake’s face curled to give a scary looking smile “Yes Ma’am, with pleasure”

“This is not going to go well” Mikaela said to Tori.

“Your Right Mikaela, with Locklear leading the way, violence is sure to ensue”

The whole time Tori was speaking to Mikaela, Jake and the others where ahead of them by 10 steps

“Are coming or what commander?”

“Remember who you talking to next Major, I wont be afraid to pull rank the next time you talk to me like that, am I clear?” Tori said, walking toward the trooper, with Mikaela tailing behind.

“Got it Commander”

Just as the squad entered the door starting the route to the C.e.C Security offices, Tori looked back; to see a dark figure strangely pointing at her, she shook her head only to see Fire burning.

“Must have been my imagination” she said to herself.

Chp 9: Memories

“Watch your step people” Warned Jake, as they were passing through a dangerous Zero-G area.

The other troopers were trying to conceal their happiness of flying through Zero-G through hardened tones and annoying jokes, but they temporary joy was shattered by Tori.

“You guys having Fun?” asked Tori sternly

“No ma’am” moaned Frank.

“Good” Tori shifted her voice toward Jake. “Okay, How much farther?”

“Just beyond this next Corner and we will have a straight shot to the C.e.C security offices.

As the squad rounded the corner, a giant creature of monstrous size came out of what appeared to be a protective skin shield.

“Great, we have to get through that?” growled Jake.

“I will handle this” Tori said confidently.

The creature started to flail its three apparent arms, release brain looking projectiles as Tori Jetpack started to power up. Before any one of the squad could take another breath, Tori took off toward the creature like a rocket, armor lock engaged. Tori using herself as a missile against the creature, she plunged into the creature with great force. The creature let out a roar of pain and agony as Tori re-emerged on the other side of the Guardian, blood floating toward the Spartan.

Tori moved around to the front of the creature to make a grotesque discovery.

“This thing was human, female” Tori said quietly over the radio.

“Bitch had it coming” Jake said insultingly.

Even at a distance Tori’s gaze met Jakes as she opened a rig video link to him

“One more comment like that and its back to Sergeant Locklear, Do I make myself Clear Major?”

“Crystal Ma’am”

“Okay, where’s the door?”

Jake pulled up the schematic for the zero-g area, looking for the door, only to find an unwanted situation.

“The door is on the other side of that thing”

“That’s just great” Moaned Mark.

“I got this; I kind of borrowed this from a former friend of ours” Tori said as she surprisingly pulled out Jahea’s Energy Sword which she kept secret in her Tactical hard case.

“Commander, when did you tell us you had the Covie’s sword?”

“I wasn’t planning on it using at all, wanted to keep it for personal reasons”

With a slight flicking motion of the sword, the duel energy blades of the sword came to light, but instead of the infamous blue color of the sword, it was a glowing, pulsating blood red color.

“Did you make adjustments to the sword” Asked Mikaela.

“I did, if this thing touches anything, anything at all, it be vaporized to oblivion, but apparently not to our guest here” Tori Said, while referring to the roadblock.

“Time to get to work”

Small air hissing sounds came from Tori as she started in circular flight path to vaporize the strong skin of the dead creature.

Soon as the blades hit the skin of the dead creature, Tori all of a sudden flashed back to her time in training without any warning.

Flash Back 18 years ago.

“619! Where there hell is that girl?” shouted Colonel Davidson.

“Sir, I think she is on that obstacle course.” said a Mysterious woman.

The woman’s predictions were correct. Tori doing her best to complete the Obstacle course, all she left was a 100 foot rope climbing wall.

“She is something isn’t she?” remarked Davidson.

“She is perhaps the best Spartan I have seen in this planet’s Spartan 3 Program” Said the Mystery woman.

“The only thing that Boggles my mind is why she puts herself through the harder training, I mean, the stress on her body already is enough, but too much will break her.”

“She will never be broken” Said the woman, she continued. “She just wants to prove to us she has more than what it takes to be a Spartan.”

“What makes you think that she has-“ The colonel stop to look at another Spartan standing next to him, A Spartan II in fact.

“Who are you?” asked Colonel Davidson.

“Lieutenant Mikaela-724, Sierra team”

“Sierra Team, I thought the team was wiped out when they faced 15 platoons of rebel forces”

“I’m the only one left, I’m now just a Spartan waiting to get assigned to a another team”

As the Colonel and Mikaela finished Talking, Tori walked up, with a towel around her neck, giving out an outstretched hand. Mikaela just looked at her strangely.

“Fine then, be that way” snipped Tori.

“What’s your name Spartan?” Mikaela called out.


“Colonel, requesting permission to have Tori accompany me on a flight training skirmish”

“Approved“ Said the Colonel

1 Hour later in the flashback

Mikaela’s Longsword fighter shook and rattled through the air as she maneuvered through heavy amounts of Flak and Missiles from Fake enemy Longswords.

“Its getting really crowded up here in my sky” said Mikaela.

A violent shock went through the longsword.

“We’re Hit Lieutenant” shouted Tori over the loud noise in the Longsowrd.

The only thing that Mikaela said before the crash was a phrase Tori would remember for the rest of her life.

They can’t take they sky from me

Chp 10: Old places, dead faces

13 minutes later

The door entering the C.e.C security offices opened to very dark room, only lit by a burning fire cause by a small explosion, which was evident. A dank, rotten smell filled the entire room, the smoke from the fire simply made it worse.

“Aw crap, not again” moaned Mark.

Tori and Mikaela both reached for their hazop breathing apparatuses.

“That smell is….. Familiar” whispered Tori

“I remember it all too well” agreed Mikaela.

“Be on your guard people, if those things are back; show them what we are capable of.” Tori grunted

Jake answered with both anger and rage in his voice “Yes ma’am”

Flashlights from the squad’s weapons swept the room, laser sights moved in synch with the lights. Blood and shell casings littered the floor; Tori swept her light over an extremely battered corpse.

“I have one!” she called.

With her light still on the body, and with the squad looking on, they watched a disbelief as the body was pulled into the darkness of the office. With no hesitation, She tossed a disintegration grenade, with a blinding red light, and a roar of mass pain, she knew she had hit her mark.

“Let’s see you pull that body when you’re nothing but bits” Tori said with a slight grin.

“Jake, where’s Mac’s rig?

“Okay…” Jake said with a pause as he looked for the location on his Rig. With a flashing white light, his map pinpointed Mac’s rig.

“His rig is…” he paused again.

“Well?” Tori asked.

“His Rig is 40 beyond that door and another 50 feet bellow us” He said sounding confused.

“We didn’t bring metal saws Jake, are you looking at your map right?” Tori asked with disapproving tone.

“That’s what it shows”


Just before Tori was going to unload her fist into the nearest wall.

“Hold on a sec, there’s an elevator leading his location, which would explain the rig being 50 feet bellow us” Jake said sounding relieved.

“Which door did you say it was we got to go through?”

Jake pointed to his left.

“Let’s move” She ordered.

The squad moved toward the door, just it opened, Tori once again saw the strange figure, this time, more identifiable. The figure appeared to be slightly taller than the Spartans, eyes glowing white, a strange kind liquid poured out its mouth, and it then let out a screech that only Tori could hear and make out

You can’t run forever!” the figure then disappeared in blind white light followed by a loud ringing in her ears. Everyone looked on in concern.

“You okay commander?” asked Mark.

She shook head slightly “I’m fine. Jake, where’s that elevator?”

“Just beyond this hallway” Jake said, still sounding concerned.

“Okay good, we should get moving” Tori said, but sounding unnerved

She shut off her helmets outward audio, having sometime to think.

“I can’t hallucinate, Spartans can’t hallucinate.” She said to herself, still thinking about what she had seen.

The squad reached the elevator. But had their weapons risen as if they were to expect something, in which they did. A creature that resembled a human being, but with a third leg, looking as if it was made out of the nerve string, long claws and a badly burned midsection. The creature’s lower jaw appeared to have been burned away by the acid that was pouring from its mouth, it made a loud gurgling noise as it made the stance of attack. A firestorm of bullets and energy projectiles quickly dismembered and killed the creature.

“Something tells me that if that thing puked on any of us, it would hurt…. A lot” Said Frank.

“We should get our guest off of here” Suggested Mikaela.

“Do it” said Tori, but then turned around to see the figure again. Only this time when it appeared, all it did was stare at her, intimidatingly.

“Who are you?” she asked. But the figure was no longer there when she asked. The squad looked at her, looking more concerned than before.

“Commander, I think you have been seeing things” said Mikaela, sounding every bit concerned for Tori.

“You’re right.” She said turning around, she something else, but the squad didn’t hear what else she said

“But you wouldn’t like what I have seen.”

15 minutes later.

The elevator door opened, with squad getting off the elevator, only be the witnesses to a horrible scene upon exit. Bodies of The People of the C.e.C Security offices; slaughtered, mauled, burned, and dismembered corpses littered the security office as the squad slowly waked over them. Mark cited female body that had been completely sliced in two down the middle, to which he quickly removed his helmet and vomited.

“Ugh, god that’s nasty” he said as he wiped his mouth.

“I’d hate to say this, and put this on everybody, but- “ Tori was interrupted by Mikaela.

“We’re on it Commander, you don’t even have to say it.”

“Troopers, start searching” Mikaela ordered.

Tori continued to walk on, amongst the dead. She removed her helmet, her dark brown hair falling out. Her eyes were staring at a particular body, was not dismembered but badly burned, with wounds to the left side of her face, and acid burns to her right side. The wounds on the female’s body were dangerously familiar to a similar scene she had seen on her first live mission as a Spartan. Tori ran two of her fingers along the left side of her face, feeling the scars and indentations of her tough skin, remembering.

Flashback 13 years ago

“GO GO GO!” A marine shouted just before being blown away by a rebel frag.

“Where is our Support?!” yelled a second marine

A female voice came over the radio, it was her.

This is SIERRA 619; you’ll have your support in 40 seconds, sergeant. 619 out”

“Dude, are you serious, our support is a Spartan?” said a marine Private.

“You better believe it rook, but this Spartan, she is different that all the others, you soon see why”

That they did, with a loud roar from above, a SOEIV drop pod fell into the chaos of the battle that was raging. With a loud CRASH noise, all the shooting from both sides stopped firing to see the pod. Two of the rebel soldiers slowly walked to the pod. With a hiss, the door from the pod flew open hitting and killing the rebel soldiers. The Marines praying the person in there was their support. It was.

“Watch how its down boys”

Assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns on the rebels began to fire, explosion from frags all directed to the pod. A blue glow surrounded the seat of the pod; real soon, silence fell once again upon the battlefield, which was followed by a female voice.

“My turn”

In the span of 10 seconds, all the rebel forces fell, but the only sound that was heard were dull claps of a Silenced SMGS.

“Whoa” said the private in amazement.

“You’re right on that private”

“Someone called for a Spartan?” said Tori.

“How did you do that?” asked the sergeant.

“One word: Skill. What’s going on here?”

“Well before you showed up, we were pinned down, lost a lot of good men. Thank you for the help Chief”

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any more, what are your names marines?”

“Sergeant Paul Velasquez, this here is Private Bill Palmer”

“I’d noticed from my drop you just lost a man to frag, who was that?”

“That was corporal Heckler.”

Tori and two marines moved toward the body of their fallen comrade, Heckler, whom had scarring on his left face, and burns on his right. Tori closed the young corporal’s eyes, just as his eyes were closed, a dangerous explosion knocked down Tori, also knocking off her helmet. Just then an enemy frag landed 5 feet away from Tori, causing the left side of her face to become bloody and scarred, with a loud scream; Tori clenched the left side of her face in pain. Bullets and frags from the rebels started pick up again.

“Get on the horn; we need to get medical VTOL out here now!” shouted Sergeant Velasquez to Palmer.

“Yes Sir!”

Palmer did what he was ordered to do.

“This is Fire team Gamma, We have a Soldier down and we need Medical VTOL here Now!”

Negative on the VTOL Gamma, your zone is too hot, repeat too hot”

“SIERRA 619 is down, Repeat, SIERRA 619 is down”

A long pause came over the radio

“Come on Damn it!

Did you say SIERRA 619, Gamma?”

“Yes I did! Where is the damn VTOL?!”

It will be there in 10 minutes, but we have a M808B less than 2 minutes out, try and hold out till then Gamma”

The radio then cut off.

“What’s the word Private?” asked Velasquez.

“We have Scorpion inbound; VTOL will be here in 10”

“Well at least they know we are still here” Velasquez chuckled.

The sound of a distant Rocket launcher being fired was heard by The Marines and Tori.

“RPG!, GET TO COVER!” yelled Velasquez.

“I can handle this Sergeant” said a wounded Tori.

Tori quickly grabbed one of her SMGS and pointed it at the direction of the rocket. With the look of Anger and determination, Tori fired a three round burst at the rocket, which to the surprise of the Marines the rocket exploded 7 feet away from her, with the rush of wind from the blast moved her dark brown hair.

Then a loud explosion followed the sound of rebels screaming from falling from their vantage points. The Marines surmised one fact that just happened.

“Our Tank is here!” shouted Velasquez happily.

“Oh thank god” sighed Palmer.

The Tank rumbled into the field, machine gun next to the cannon firing which was laying down heavy cover fire for the downed group of Marines and Tori. Velasquez noticed something got made him into a better mood.

“We got those pussies on the run!” shouted Velasquez while throwing down his helmet victoriously.

8 minutes later.

A loud metallic roar was heard over head. The medical pelican touched down in the open courtyard of the battlefield, and several medical personnel came out expecting an injury from Tori.

“Can you get up Chief?” asked Velasquez.

“My face is messed up, my legs aren’t broken Sergeant.”

“Of course Ma’am” he said as gave out a small chuckle.

Tori walked over to pick up her helmet from the ground, to which she noticed her Network module on her recon helmet had been blown off. She then walked over to the ramp of the pelican to be examined by the medical personnel.

“Its not that bad, a few stitches, and your face will be good as new, it will leave a permanent scar, but nonetheless”

“Good, stitches are fine.” She said as she ran her fingers down the scar.

Chp 11: Push

“You got anything over there, commander?” asked Mikaela.

“No, nothing over here” Tori said as she put on her helmet.

“Damn it Mac, Where are you?” grunted Jake as he tried his best to find him or his body.

Tori eventually came up upon a locked door on the other side of the room, being lit by only holographic monitors gone to static and flickering lights.

“I got something over here people” she called.

The squad eventually regrouped.

“Mikaela, what can you do about this?” asked Tori.

“Hmm, let me see”

Mikaela looked around the door, eventually her eyes fell upon an open electrical panel.

“Let me see what I can do” she said just before a large electrical shock shorted out her shields.

“Fuck! Someone must of have locked the door from the other side, can’t be opened here”

“Let me took a look” said Mark “Before I joined the UNSC, I was quite the electrician in my home town.”

“You got 5 minutes Cole” Tori said, reaching for her Assault rifle.

A low whine echoed through the Office. Then the whine was followed by a nearby Vent being blown apart. Mark was steadily rearranging the wires to open the door.

“Cole?” said Tori.

“Just give me 2 more minutes”

“We don’t have 2 Minutes” Grunted Mikaela as she drew up her powerful shotgun.

A baby like creature with a glowing, bloated midsection cooed as it crawled toward the Spartans.

Tori gave an amused huff “Is this the best they can do?”

Almost as if all the creatures around them heard her, more poured in through the damaged vent

“Oh come on!” growled the Spartan.

The creature resembling an infant started to crawl as another creature came crashing through, a slim and ravaged creature with a giant glowing, distorted arm lumbered its way toward them.

“Almost there” Mark said calmly.

“Well could you hurry it up?” yelled Tori.

Both creatures were now within spitting distance between the Spartans and the door, which Tori gave the order to where everyone would be happy to follow.


With one shotgun round, Mikaela was able to take out both of the creatures with a round hitting the distorted glowing pustule, killing both creatures, and splattering blood all over the office.

Frank gave a disgusted grunt “Man that’s nasty” as he tried to get the remnant blood off his Seeker rifle.

“Doors open Ma’am, I suggest we get through before more suicide monsters appear.” said Mark.

“Agreed. Everyone, through the door”

The squad proceeded through the door to find even more bodies littering every corner, every cubicle, blood running along the floors.

“Jesus” gasped Frank. “These things show absolutely no mercy”

“Neither will I” Thought Jake.

“Major, where’s Mac’s rig?” asked Tori while kneeling down to examine a body.

“His rig is at the other end of the room, it’s a lot of close quarters, Id suggest that I take Mark and frank, we will cover more ground”

“Go for it” said Tori. “And as always Mikaela, you’re with me.”

“Ready to go commander” Said Mikaela as she cocked a spent shell out of her shotgun.

“I would recommend everyone go to Night vision, it’s more likely that whoever is here won’t see us coming, Creature or psycho” Said Tori.

The ODSTs preceded down the left side other maze of cubicles, while Tori and Mikaela went down the right. The Spartans came up upon the first set of cubicles, only to see five dead and dismember corpses.

“Clear” Mikaela said over the radio.

“Major, do you anything on your end?”

“Yes Ma’am, a whole lot of dead around here, apparently these people over here committed suicide before they ever got turned into one of those things, what about you?”

“Bits and Pieces, nothing but bits and pieces” murmured Tori.

“Understood” Jake said calmly.

“Commander, Tori?” said Mikaela with sound of a question in her voice.

“Yes Mikaela?”

“You know I haven’t seen you like this since you lost your C.O. Armando”

“That was 10 years ago Mikaela” said Tori sadly. “Id rather not think about it again, his death got me sidelined for 5 months under the impression of intense stress.”

“I understand Ma’am” said Mikaela.

“The only thing that got me through all that was going on Solo missions, no help, no backup, and no one to rely on”

“You said enough, Commander” Whispered Mikaela.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room.

“I can’t believe that all these people would kill them selves just to keep from turning into those things.” said Frank.

“Well believe it” Said Jake, with anger in his voice.

Mark purposely bumped his elbow into Frank.

“Go to an interior comm.,” Mark whispered.

Both troopers switched to interior comms, while Jake continued on ahead.

“Hey frank, have you noticed that the Major has been… off lately?”

“Dude, he just lost his family, of course he’s off, why would you bring up something that everyone knows?” asked Frank with a small tone of irritation.

“No I mean, when we lost Major Hanson” Mark stuttered.

“Now that you mention it, ever since then, he’s been more isolated, but now with the death of his family, his attitude is that close to a battle hardened Spartan.”

Both troopers accidentally bumped into Jake whose piercing stare made them go back to outward Mics.

“What were you two talking about?” asked Jake.

“N-Nothing sir” Mark stuttered.

“Good, pick up your weapons, I believe I found what we’re looking for. And I just told the commander, they will be here in 30 seconds”

Within seconds, Tori and Mikaela peeked around a cubicle corner to find the troopers standing over a whimpering Mac.

“Who-Who are you?” Mac asked, sounding extremely scared.

Jake depolarized his visor, revealing his face.

“Jake? Oh thank god, what’s going on, there is these thing are everywhere, people committing suicide, its goddamn hell here, who are these other people?”

“They are my comrades, and people who can help.”

Mac gave out a big sigh of relief.

“Can you tell us what happened here, Mac?” Asked Jake with a friendly hand to the shoulder

“Well, can you tell us what happened when your link was cutoff?”

“One of the people I work with, uhh, Harry. He charged at me with a plasma saw, trying to cut off my head, god what’s gotten into these people?” Mac said sounding terrified.

“I don’t think I know Harry”

“He was the janitor, but I have no idea how he got hold of a plasma saw”

“This is the C.e.C security Offices right? There has to be some nearby weapon lockers” Came in Tori.

“Your Friend is right; there are some weapon lockers down to the right and down the stairs, that’s where we keep all the confiscated weapons and other stuff” Mac said, still sounding afraid.

“Troopers, Keep watch out here, Mikaela and I will go down there and check it out” Said Tori.

“No. No! That’s where most of them are, I barely got out of there alive when I was attacked”

“We will handle it” she said ”Mikaela lets go”

“Yes Ma’am”

Chp 12: Something to be known.

The two Spartans proceeded down the hall and descending the stairs, only to realize something was amiss.

“Something is not right Commander” Mikaela said, sounding suspicious.

“How’s that so?”

“There is no blood down on the floor down here, no bodies, no electrical failure, nothing.”

“Your right, maybe we are being misled.”

“Could be, but let’s not jump to conclusions”

A loud wheezing was suddenly heard, it’s raspy, sand like breathing echoed down through the basement leading to the weapons lockers.

“Looks like we have company” whispered Tori.

The Spartans rounded a corner to find the remainder of the hall pitch black, no lighting was present, but the breathing coming from the darkened hall. Tori gave the hand signal to Mikaela to quickly move the other wall adjacent to her. With the familiar look toward Mikaela, Tori’s look told Mikaela to switch to cloak reconnaissance mode. Milliseconds later, Mikaela became invisible to Tori’s eyes, but with a finger touch to her helmet, Tori switched to a low light night vision mode enabling her to see Mikaela’s outline. With another hand signal, Tori told Mikaela to switch to interior comms.

“Mikaela, what do you see?”

“You have to see this for yourself Ma’am” Gasped Mikaela

A rig video link to Tori opened up, to reveal multiple human body parts scattered all around the floor. She then saw movement on the ceiling.

“You see this commander?”

“Yes I do, and I don’t like what I’m seeing”

A human corpse hanged form the ceiling, its entire ribcage revealing itself, distorted Hands and feet helped cling to the ceiling. Almost as it happened instantly, the head of the creature twisted around quickly, with sounds of the neck bone cracking in multiple places, and then let out a loud roar toward unarmed Mikaela. A long tentacle came jetting out of the creatures mouth, latching onto Mikaela’s CQC helmet.

“UGH CRAP!” Mikaela yelled as she struggled to get free.

Mikaela was now off her feet and with being pulled up toward the creature.

“No, Not again” sighed Tori.

Tori could sense a strange string of panic coming from Mikaela. No longer holding onto the past and with deadly look in her eyes, Tori pulled out the blood red energy sword, its light shined upon her face, giving off an electrical hiss.

“I’m coming for you Mikaela” Tori said calmly over the radio.

“Better hurry Commander!” yelled Mikaela.

The creature let out a roar of enjoyment as it set it sights on the second Spartan. Tori gave a full sprint toward the creature, racing to save her captured Comrade. With a front flip jump and extended arm, Tori sliced the creature’s tentacle in 4 places. Having it releasing its grip, Mikaela hit the ground.

“Thanks Tori, I owe you one” Said Mikaela as she yanked the tentacle off her helmet.

“You’re Welcome” Tori whispered, as she strangely looked at the sword.

She felt a weight on her shoulders suddenly lift, as if something in the past that reminded her of a great loss was gone.

“A lot of strange things are happening out here in the black, Mikaela.”

“No Shit” She said as she holstered her dropped shotgun.

The two Spartans continued there search down in the basement, only to find mass amounts of corpses piled on top of each other, blood poured out every single body, forming close to a small stream. A closer look at the bodies led a disturbing discovery.

“These people didn’t commit suicide, they were murdered. Make a quick ballistic check, what kind of round it is and who it belongs too."

“Oh my god” gasped Mikaela.

Tori looked at the ballistic, realizing only one person could have killed the people at the offices.

“We need to back topside, the troopers are in danger!”

Chp 13: Sharpshooter

The two Spartans raced through the basement and back up the stairs and back into the security offices, only to find the all but one of the troopers being held hostage by the insane psycho known as Mac. Tori and Mikaela drew both their weapons, but not quick enough before Mac put a divet pistol to Mark’s throat.

“Don’t come any closer, if you do, I swear I will blow his brains all over the room!” yelled Mac, who had a more than crazed look in his eyes.

“Why are you doing this Mac?” Asked Tori

“You don’t understand, the people that brought these divine creature to us, you can’t stop them, none of you” He said as his voice violently shook.

“Divine creatures? You have completely lost you’re mind, Mac. Put the gun down”

“He will never see reason, commander, just shoot him!” yelled Mark.

“Don’t make me Mac!” Tori said as she aimed her rifle at Mac, weapon reticule on her HUD aimed for his head.

Before she even had the chance to pull the trigger, Jake quietly came up behind Mac, grabbed both of Mac’s legs, having land on his back. He then put his left leg through both of Mac’s spread legs on the floor, twisted him on to his stomach and bent both of Mac’s bent legs till they broke. Mac let out a loud scream of pain as his now broken legs hit the hard, cold metallic floor.

“Major, would you please shut him up?” asked Tori

“With Pleasure commander”

“I know what you did Mac, You pulled my family to that suicide rally, you put a gun to my wife, you strangled my baby girl, you deserve a fate worse than death.” Jake said as he put his pulse rifle to Mac’s head.

“Please Jake, I thought I was helping them” Moaned Mac “Have Mercy!”

“You don’t deserve Mercy from me you backstabbing son of a bitch” Jake said as he pulled the trigger, releasing a three round pulse burst into Mac’s skull, literally blowing his brains on the floor.

“Thanks Major” Mark saying with a relieved sigh.

Jake didn’t answer

“You mind telling us what happened here Major? Or shall I pull your logs?”

“2 minutes after you left, Mac started to babble on about convergence, a higher ascension after death, and a guy named Altman. He had a gun to Mark before I knew what was happening; I dove out the way once he fired upon me”

“Why didn’t you return fire?”

“I wanted a full audience when I slaughtered this Man”

“Jake….” Mark sounding startled at what he just heard.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t pile your ass into the ground like you did Mac” Tori said, sounding Furious, her hand turning into a hard fist.

“I know what caused all this”

“That’s…. a good reason” Paused Tori

“Come on, what’s causing all this is in the Government sector, but we have to go through the transport hub to get there."

"Lead the way"

Chp 14: A haunting memory

The squad soon entered the transport hub, where the familiar scenes of blood trails on the floors have become to them: Common. However, since along the way, they became separated and arrived on to different levels.

“Clear one” Tori said looking around the hub.

“Clear two” Jake said, with the same motion.

“Okay, we’re here Major” Tori said, holstering her rifle

“We now go through the C.e.c Main facility, from there, we’ll take a tram to government sector”

“Roger that” said Tori, just before turning off the video link to the troopers and turning away.

“Mikaela, jump down and join them, ill find my own way”

“But Commander” She said hesitatingly

Tori slightly turned her head “That’s an order Mikaela, I need time to think”

“Yes Ma’am” Mikaela said quietly before jumping down t o the floor with Jake and the others. They all watched in confusion as Tori walked away in different direction.

“Where is she going Ma’am? We need everyone here to get to the tram to government sector.

“She… took another way around” Mikaela said, keeping the real reason away from the troopers.

“Come on, facility is through the door, which leads to an elevator” Jake said walking in the direction of the door/elevator.

Tori entered a long, angular hallway, instead of finding bodies of either human or creature, she instead found the reason why she had been acting so strangely, coupled with Hallucinations. A brightly lit figure appeared before Tori, it was her original Commanding officer Armando.

“What are you doing Tori?” Armando asked.


“Thinking about what?”

“Thinking about how you died, it was hard to watch”

“Indeed it was, but I’m nothing more than memory now”

“Don’t say that, you were more than my C.O. you were the only friend I ever had in my life”

“That is true, I was. Even though I’m dead, I’m still your friend and C.O. and I have one last order for you to carry out”

“Name it”

“You remember that picture Colonel Davidson took of us?”

“What are you getting at?” she asked, sounding confused.

“Don’t forget who your friends are, no matter who they are or where they are or where they’re from. Just don’t forget”

“I won’t forget”

“That’s my girl”

“You know, I always hated it when you called me that” Tori said, letting out a small laugh.

“I know, but just don’t forget” Armando said, just before fading into the blackness of the hall way

His voice echoed in her mind “Don’t forget”

With the encouraging words from her former friend, Tori set off toward the Tram housing station, full sprint. Once in full sprint, a door into the housing facility opened to be full of creatures, mostly the creatures with bladed hands, she quickly grabbed her rifle, and one by one, they fell before the powerful might of the Spartan, blood spattering all over the flooring, and on her armor, but none of the creatures could ever get a single blade strike on her, for she was too quick for them. Moving with much speed and agility, in the creature’s mind’s they thought they were dealing with a demon hell bent on killing them all. With the final creature falling to dust from her blood red sword, the tram roundhouse was clear. Tori pressed a button on the holographic screen releasing the tram, and closing the door. Taking off toward the tram, Tori gave a great jump toward the tram, nailing a perfect missile corkscrew jump, she was able enter the tram just before the door closed.

“Now that was fun” she said happily, as if referring to a 15 hour mountain hike she previously took on Reach.

The troopers and Mikaela were actually wondering what was wrong with the tram when it reached the platform

“Commander?” said Mikaela with much surprise “How did you get here, and how did you get the tram to move”

“Let’s just say I had some time to reflect on the past.” Tori said happily


“Everyone get onboard” She ordered.

With everyone onboard, the tram gave jolting downward motion, as the tram moved down the track, the squad’s eyes suddenly fell upon a horrific and disturbing sight, one that hasn’t been seen for 3 years.

“My god, that’s… The ISHIMURA” said Tori, with a small amount of fear in her voice.

“I guess we all thought wrong, they must have that ship here for a reason” Said Mikaela.

“Well, for what ever reason that damned deathtrap is here, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is getting to the government sector.”

A downward jolt went through the tram car, followed by a forward motion, meaning the tram went from descending the track to traveling through the track headed for the government.

Chp 15: Road block

“Game faces people” said Tori, reaching for her rifle “I have a feeling that Earthgov is on to our movement and going to attempt everything in their power to stop us”

A beam of light came flying downward ahead of the squad’s moving tram quickly moving in the direction of the track ahead.

“Shit, looks like they got they’re hands on the solar array” Pointed Mark.

“NO SHIT!” yelled Jake as he laid a hard punch to Mark shoulder.

The beam of light soon cut the track and the station in half, leaving them with one option.

“Back up the tram, I have an idea” Suggested Tori

“What we are going to do now, Commander, the track has been completely-“Mikaela was saying before Tori cut her off

“Maybe not,” she shifted her sights to the nearby ISHIMURA “I bet her grav tethers are still functional, we can pull the station back.”

“But for how long? And who know what we will encounter on that godforsaken ship” bitched Franked.

“NONE of you are coming with me, not even you Mikaela”

“But Commander” Mikaela said sounding surprised and rising from her seat

“I’m ordering all of you to stay put as I get this tub’s tethers online, am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am” Mikaela and the others moaned.

A backwards jerking motion made the tram stop as it pulled up to the ISHIMURA’s airlock, where the lone wolf in the commander was about to be released.

Thoughts of disturbing and disgusting proportions entered her mind like a flood as she stepped onto the deadly metal of the cursed ISHIMURA, and with a hand motion to her helmet, Tori turned off her comms and rig link, she was truly all alone aboard the ship, alone with the ship, and her deadly secrets waiting to be unleashed. A small horizontal lift appeared before her as she walked through the door, and with a simple hand press, the lift took off in opposite end of the track. Walking through another door, Tori found herself in some kind of quarantine tunnel leading to a small elevator. Stepping onto the elevator, she pushed a button and up went the elevator, and to a very dark, and familiar place, the ISHIMURA flight deck.

“Im back for round two” Tori said quietly.

Crates, plastic tape, and lamps littered the floor leading to the flight lounge.

“I guess this place was getting an overhaul” She thought.

“Alright, let’s check the status of this hell hole.”

Walking through the same door she walked through three years ago, she checked the status of the ship. The systems affected appeared they weren’t that much of a surprise to her.

“Centrifuge, great” she said before heading back the way she came.

Standing amidst the clean, taped flight lounge, Tori, in her mind could still see the blood and severed head of former Major Glen Hanson. She knelt down in the exact spot where he was killed; rubbing the floor with her hand, and remembered the first time she ever met him.

Flashback 5 years

“Lieutenant Tori 619, thanks to honor, courage, bravery and heroism in the field, and saving the life of my 13 year old niece, Chelsea, I on behalf of the UNSC, here by promote you to the rank of Commander” Smiled Admiral Davidson.

“Thank you“ said Tori with gratefulness in her voice.

Davidson’s niece Chelsea came up to Tori with a wrapped present meant for the Spartan.

“Oh sweetie, you don’t have to do this”

“Oh don’t listen to him, he’s always like this when I’m being nice to someone under his command, here I want you to have this”

Tori opened the top of the present, it was her recon helmet, polished, and a new look

“Thank you Chelsea, you must have had a lot of time on your hands” She said while holding the new helmet.

“I added an enhanced all color night vision mode, boosted the range of your radio in the helmet, I even had some one from my class whip up an extra thick, shatter, bullet,and plasma proof green visor, for extra protection, the previous workings of the helmet can I say? Sucked” Chelsea explained.

“She indeed has a lot of time on her hands” said a voice

Tori turned her head; a decorated marine in a white uniform came forward.

“Glen Hanson. Major Glen Hanson, 84th ODST Platoon Bravo Company, at your service.” Glen said with an outstretched hand.

““Good to meet you Major” Tori said, shaking his hand.

“Likewise Ma’am” Said Glen.

A loud siren sounded throughout the base, signaling an attack.

“Jesus, don’t these guys ever give up?

Outside the base.

“Go go go!” ordered a rebel sergeant “Those UNSC pigs won’t know what hit them”

“Is that so?” said Tori Sounding very amused, coming out of cloak.

The rebel troops surrounding the destroyed entrance to the mountainside base entrance raised and fired their weapons at the lone Spartan. Her shields flickered, and unmoved. She let out an amused huff. The rebel looked on, stunned.

“My turn” She whispered.

Tori leaped from her perch just above the rebels, into the brightness of the sunlight and onto the ground, she rose as if possessed, the rebels continued the onslaught, but to no avail. The 45 rebel personnel fell before the might of the female, while one final rebel tried to run away.

“You boys definitely don’t know how to show a girl a good time”

“It will be a good time when the UNSC has fallen and Rebels standing over pathetic corpses.”

“Oh well, time for you to sleep”

“What did you say?” said the scared rebel, who nearly wet himself.

Breaking his arm, Tori hoisted the rebel onto her shoulders, gave him an upward thrust, just before both feet of the rebel hit the ground, She gave him a high knee to the bottom of his jaw, knocking him unconscious.

“Sweet dreams dickhead” Tori said before putting a bullet to the back of his head.

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